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I need help for a gift????

Dec 25, 1999
My father in law's birthday is comeing up and I want to get him a reel nice knife. It's got to be a folder, and have extremely good blade retention. You see his job is in upolstery so he's always useing his knife to cut fabric and strip down furniture. He goes through lots of knives but thats because he goes out and buys the blue light special knives that are so cheap, and uses the kitchen sharpener on the can opener in his house to sharpen them. This knife has to be durible, and be able to stand the test of time. I'm looking at around 200 dollars. I'm really lost and confused on what to get him. Also what locking mechanism has got me stumped to. Also it needs to be easy to sharpen so he doesn't go for the can opener. Somebody please HELP?

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Buy him the Benchmade 720 Axis lock, and a Spyderco Sharpmaker 204. The 720 is the best <$100 knife around, and the Sharpmaker will make sure he treats it right. You should still have enough left for a nice Sak Spartan and a Photon Microlight, so this would be a very nice package to receive.

James Segura
San Francisco, CA
Spyderco Wegner, full size, plain edge and a Spyderco sharpmaker.

Dennis Bible
It's hard to find a knife that has great edge retention and easy to sharpen too, but I do agree with the SharpMaker reccommendation.

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All of the above suggestions are very good.

In the future, there should be more talonite folders to be had. I think that Talonite would be the wat to go on this one. Holds an edge forever. Just something to think about.

Clay Fleischer
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Great idea PhilL! If you want to get a nice Buck for low $, the Buck 110 Master Series in BG-42 (no emblem, no pressed checkering) would be a great gift - give Dennis Wright an e-mail - go to the Buck Forum and search with using his name.

Take a peek at one: http://store.knifecenter.com/pgi-Product%20Spec?bu110ms,

If you can't find it - drop me a line, I have his address/number around some where....LOL.
Good luck! Let us know what you end up buying!

Oooops - the Spyderco Sharpmaker 204 is a MUST have regardless of what you buy!

Ray 'md2020'

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You can check out Pete's Shoppe here

I just ordered one with BG-42 Blade, Water Buffalo Handle,and Nickel Silver Bolsters and it was a little over $100.00. For a few dollars more you could have his name or initials etched on the blade or bolsters. Great knives!
SPYDERCO - Terzuola Starmate C55 would be my first choice. Elegant shape, great edge retention, flawless performance, excellent ratio between weight and strength.
BM model 710 with Axis Lock would be second (or Model 705 if smaller knife is needed). Innovative, rock-solid locking mechanism, fully ambidextrous design, impressive ratio between blade length and knife overall length.
Think also about Special Forces by Katz Knives (3 &#190; or 3 inch blades of XT80 steel). A bit too heavy but very solid, powerful knives, comfortable hold, edge retention on ATS-34 level or even higher but easier to resharpen, fully ambidextrous action but not carry clip.

And SPYDERCO Tri-Angle Sharpmaket to keep sharp whichever knife you would choose!

Sergiusz Mitin
Lodz, Poland