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I need help, Jim, where are you???

Apr 26, 2001
Bella's really, really depressed. I've been trying to cheer her up, but I'm in over my head! Normally, I would stop caring by now, (ain't I a nice one. :)) But, I have to work with her for the next four hours, and she's really starting to bum me out, since she's not being her normally vibarant self.

So, this is the <i>let's cheer Bella up thread</i>

THIS WILL CHEER YOU UP, JUST THINK YOU COULD BE DATING BOB ,INSTEAD OF WORKING WITH HIM! ALSO UNCLE IS GONNA PUT UP A ubdotd & NOBODY IS GONNA GO FOR IT, WE'RE GONNA LET YOU WIN(I've yelled enough)! Now didn't that bring a smile!( Quick Bob, offer to buy her lunch), see ,Belle you get lunch served while you wait!
jim :cool:
bobs broke as well.

i know what will make it better it is just not something i can have at work.

but thanks for trying
Think like a Himalayan sickle and smile :) .

All problems are temporary and in the end we all end up in the knife shop in the sky, and if not the self heating forge below. :cool:
All problems are temporary and yet the past will never stop haunting you........but any way it doesn't matter any more I am all better :)