I need help. Pretty please.

Jul 20, 2000
A couple of months ago I was looking throught the forums and I saw a pic of a non-metalic dive knife from one of the Warsaw Pact countries. (it was green)

Anyway, I ran throught the search engine and I still couldn't find it. Any help would be appreciated.

You may think it's funny but wait till it's your turn.
Boye Dendrtic cobalt dive knives are sometimes painted a blue/green, could that be it?

Nope. Jus' checked them out,that's not it. The knife had a Fairbain/Stykes look to it, but was made entirely out of some kind of green plastic. It was nearly transparent.

Thanks for the help. Anyone else.

Found it!

You may think it's funny but wait till it's your turn.

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KINGTUT, try www.sovietski.com They have set up a business importing all kinds of things from the ols Warsaw Pact countries, especially military goodies. They may have them, even though I don't see them in their latest catalog. They are selling discarding sabot, fin stabilized, armor piercing penetrators for the 120mm gun from the M1A1 tank, should you want one, they're only $67.00, plus shipping. They say that they are inert metal, but these things are supposed to be depleted uranium, hmmmm? Perhaps one of the milspec types out there can clear this up.

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Hugh Fuller
It's great that you found it, but now could you tell me why you bothered. They don't get much uglier than that.

OK, It's a Polish Military Naval Divers Knife. The blade is 7 1/8" long, stainless steel, and has a wicked looking saw back. The ricasso is marked with a serial # and a Polish acceptance mark. The handle and sheath are both a molded nylon-plastic. The rubber keeper is all there, but is split on one side. The blade has some use and sharpening. Neat piece from the 60's--- $ 165.00

I live in Maine and believe it or not do some free diving and was looking for something that wouldn't corrode. It's still a little on the steep side.
As for Sovietski, I already get it. I can't believe the price on their Stykes knives.(cheap)

You may think it's funny but wait till it's your turn.
"Warsaw Pact", I can't believe you said that.
Does anyone remember the music group Warsaw Pact ???