i need some help

Sep 13, 1999
hi im new here and i would really apreciate some help.i gave my brother my benchmade tanto butterfly for his birthday and went to find another one .much to my dismay they were discontinued. please where can i find one of these it is probably my favorite knife
i have ever owned. please any help would be apreciated

Post this is the "Knives, Wanted to buy" forum. Chances are someone has one like it that they will sell you.

--Mike L.

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Good luck...... you're not the only one looking.

Benchmade Balisongs pop up in the Bladeforum Auction pretty often, but they go QUICKLY so check back frequently.

Clay G.

thanks i came in on a web search and it brought me directly here. ill try my luck over there. thanks for bringing this to my attention
Also be sure to watch both the Knives for sale forum, and post a message in the Knives, Wanted to Buy forum because you never know who has something you want.


Kevin Jon Schlossberg
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