I need some serious help!

Jan 9, 2007
... if she doesnt want you to have one and thats just the way it is, you can always get something like a cold steel rajah II or cold steel spartan. ....

I'm gonna go out on a limb and say that if Mom doesn't like the idea of a fixed blade, she ain't gonna like a Rajah II either! I don't think the fact that the Rajah folds is gonna be the deal maker.

Just a thought.

Another big thing you have neglected to fill us in on, jwolfert, is if you have any folding knives. Are you jumping straight into fixed blades? If you have folders, and apparently you want to do light bushcraft, ask mom to let you buy a Vic Farmer. If you don't have any knives, ask mom to let you buy a Vic Farmer.


Jun 21, 2004
join the boy scouts or merchant marine -- they'll give you plenty of knives
Nov 25, 2005
If your local feed/hardware won't sell you one, maybe you live in the city ? Laws have changed, perhaps you could allow her to hold it except for when you are on an outing ? It's amazing how attitudes towards knives have changed. I carried the big schrade folder on my hip all the way through HS, ( 1970's ), incl my Senior year in California. Now, 'Admin' would call the 'Resource Officer' to arrest you. Then you get suspended, while they take you to Board on weapons charges. In my day, we feared the teachers. Now, they fear the students.
Sep 23, 2010
I used to buy knives at 15 years old at walmart then again I had a full beard at 15 too :D

But when my parents said no to an online order, I used to buy a prepaid visa gift card at the store and order a fixed blade online. Yah, you have to register your card for online purchases but when they ask your age you could just flub.

Again, this is what I did when I was a kid, but I was a responsible kid and didn't go around flaunting a big knife around getting myself in trouble.

Just My experience on how to get around the age thing. But you should listen to your parents, they may seem crazy for not letting you have a knife, but they are looking out for your best interest whether it seems like or not :)

Good luck, and try the responsible way first.:thumbup:


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Jan 5, 2011
How can i convince my mother to let get a fixed blade knife? I'm 15

Hello, jwolfert. Welcome to the Forums!

I would suggest that if you truly needed a fixed-blade, you would probably already own a few by now. You ought to focus on getting involved in activities where having a fixed-blade knife makes practical sense (as others have already posted.) Scouts, camp programs, Cadets, wilderness survival classes, whittling/carving hobbies, even cooking... these are the things you ought to set your sights on. You might pick up some other sweet pieces of kit to boot!

Remember: just having a knife ain't gonna save you from anything. It's what's between your ears that counts!
May 15, 2011
nag and slowly break your parents :p

I think a cheap fixed blade like a mora is a good idea your mother will be less worried and over time you can build up to bigger and better TOOLS
Oct 23, 2006
Tell her you want to learn to cook, and the knife you want was designed by the editor of the Joy of Cooking - Ethan Becker, then get a small Becker fixed blade.
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Feb 11, 2011
Look, there will be no convincing. Your 15, she's your mother. No further discussion. What you could do is buy one that looks /can pass as a kitchen knife for her. It'll be there for you to access, but it's her knife. Haha
Jan 17, 2012
Pros and cons, show you are mature enough, do extra chores. I have the same problem with my dad.

Good luck,