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I need someone to make me a Special sheath. Help!

Jul 2, 1999


I picked up a really nice FB at the show yesterday and I am in desperate need of an IWB Kydex sheath for it. The knife is pretty fancy and I dont want it to get scratched from the sheath. Can anyone make a kydex sheath lined with something soft? I would also like the outside covered with something nice as well, maybe leather. I dont want to ruin the classy look of this knife with a dull kydex sheath, but I really like kydex. I hate not being able to carry this knife. I need a sheath, FAST!!


Louis Buccellato
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Get a kydex sheath that is not permanently riveted, but can be disassembled. Chicago screws work great. Usually, harder lint that accumulates in the sheath or gets embedded in the soft kydex starts ruining polished blades. You can clean the sheath if it´s built to be disassembled.

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Hey Louis..

I can build a sheath for you,, but can't cover it in leather..

If you have a picture of the blade,, I can tell you a little more about the sheath..

Drop me a note and we can discuss your options..




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Talk to Kenny Rowe in Hope, Arkansas. I have seen several of his sheathes and he does make a IWB custom. I don't have his card with me, because I am not home yet, but he is listed as Rowe's Leather. He hand tools his sheaths and they are well made.
Hi Louis, contact Matt Draper,(Waxes Eloquent) about a sheath. He makes a leather laminated Concealex sheath that's wonderful,(I own one). Here's his website.

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