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I need suggestions


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Jul 5, 1999
I am new to the forums, but I was wondering if anyone could suggest a descent folder to be used in and around water. I have lost my fair share of knives to corrosion after weeks in the river. I know this is an odd question, but any help provided will be appreciated.

I'm assuming it's salt water? Do you prefer a fixed blade or folder? Do you prefer fully serrated or not?

Folders: Spyderco Military (full serrated option available) with black blade coating, Benchmade AFCK (plain, partial, or full serrations available, and BT2 blade coating)

Fixed Blade: Benchmade Nimravus (has a BT coating standard and the option of plain or partial serrations) and has a kydex sheath and stainless clip that will resist the elements as well.

Most other factory tacticals have similar options, but these would be the best in my opinion for rapid deployment in an emergency situation and defense against the rigors of salt water.

Either way you go, if you're dealing with salt or even brackish water you'll need to rinse them out with fresh and oil them up afterwards. The same can be said with fresh water with extended use.
Take a look at the partially serrated Spyderco Native. In my experience, the serrations are superior to a plain edge for dealing with wet rope and the combo edge gives you the best of both worlds.

Two other suggestions -- Use a Marine Tuf-Cloth to protect the blade and keep the action well-lubed with a product such as Tuf-Glide. You might also want to consider getting one of the River City neck sheaths for your folder. In addition to hanging from your neck, they can be secured to your PFD, keeping your folder handy even when seated.

BTW, welcome to the forums!



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I'm surprised no one mentioned the Merlin (or Harpy, or whatever). One of the hooked blades, especially the new one with the zytel handle (Merlin?) Someone help me here, I haven't been paying enough attention to the hook-ed Spydies. Also, one of the Rescue or Rescue Jr. Again, teamed with a Mike Sastre River City kydex sheath.

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You might want to look at the EDI Genesis in Talonite. Talonite is rust proof (really) as well as non-magnetic. EDI makes a fine knife... and the price is not way out of line.

Try a K.I.S.S by Columbia River Knife & Tool... its a little handy critter...

Not an odd question at all. There is a current ground swell of makers making folders with non-ferous blades. The good materials are Talonite, Stellite, and beta Titanium.

The lowest cost alternative in a folder that I know of is the David Boye Cobalt folder with a Zytel handle and cast Stelite blade. It holds an edge longer than steel, and it is immune to corosion. I think they sell for around $100.


Thanks for helping the new guy out. I appreciate the insight.