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I now have Moroccan Agate to use for knife scales!

May 21, 2007
Moroccan Agate –

Agate is a unique natural wonder, with no two identical specimens: Each has a different pattern and color. It occurs in various volcanic and sedimentary rocks in nearly all countries on earth. Moroccan agates from the Atlas Mountains were first identified in the 1940’s but only recently have they drawn the interest of collectors worldwide.

The town of Sidi Rahal is located about 60 km east of Marrakesh. The agate outcrops occur nearby in an area approximately 40–50 km long and 5 km wide. Although the region is abundant with these gems, it is not being worked on a commercial scale. Every day locals look for agate to sell to gem collectors from around the world. The most spectacular specimens are used for carvings and cabochons.

I now have a source for this agate even in pieces large enough for big knives such as a Buck 110. This stone has been extremely hard to obtain so I am excited to have been able to get enough to keep me busy for months! I am going to be posting a large number of pictures of these knives at this stone is astonishing in it's beauty and in the incredible variations of the agate.


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Here are some more photos of knives finished, a big uncut piece and roughed out scales for Case barehead peanuts and Buck 110's I am working on now.


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This stone is incredible. Here are some photos of Case barehead Peanuts I just finished.


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Here are a few Buck 110 photos I plan to list on Ebay later tonight!


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Thanks Lance! I am hoping to get a few sold so that I can go buy up as much of this Agate before it hits the shows in January. I think it is going to be a very big hit like Ocean Jasper was a decade ago.
If you don't mind me asking, how do you finish it? I'm assuming it's a hand sanding progression with some type of final buffing.
swonut - I have over $20,000 in specialized, mostly diamond equipped cutting/sanding/polishing equipment from a 24 inch saw for large rocks, to smaller diamond saws, to a diamond band saw, to diamond grit sintered diamond grinding wheels, to sanding wheels to polishing wheels to metal buffing wheels to dremel drills, cut off wheels, sanding drums, scotch-brite wheels and then final waxing. In all there are about 30 to 40 stages depending on the knife and stone type. Basically, a full equipped Lapidary shop covering about 1000 square feet on two floors. Five different diamond bladed saws, two flat laps, 26 different 6 to 10 inch wheels from grinding to polishing is just the start point.....

Here is a link to some shop photos on my knife website located under the shop menu -


Hope all is well with you -