I once again...ordered 3 more OKCs, RD6, RD Tanto and a TFI...latter listed as "delayed".

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    Jan 5, 2015
    Well seeing how I was down a few OKC knives I reordered to refill my personal "Stock" of them.

    I ordered the obligatory RD6 as I give these knives to relatives who I know will have need of a near unbreakable knife when they need a good all rounder survival knife category knife. The one relative who came out of the swamp/woods with just the knife, insect repellent and some hand sanitizer and some other logical carried things. (The hand sanitizer was for fire starting). The Kyak went over, some one's going back to Civilized Canoes again.

    The RD Tanto I ordered was to restock the supply of them I gave away as same above. They are used for mid-length choppering tryranical botanicals mostly it seems. Its short, can to campy/bushy stuff sort of-ly. Most replace it with the SP-53, once they find out this is short heavy machette tool area, and use the RD6 in its place. But being logical the RD Tanto goes along as back up on water trips or its the main do every thing knife on pack trips. (NOTE: Every one always carries a SAW of some sort with them to make doing woodsy crafty things (fire building, stake making, steak cooking) easier).

    And to get my TFI's back up to 2 for my personal use. Gave one to my brother for X-mass as a choice between a Cerberus or TFI. He chose the TFI for its lookable usefulness. From slaying hard to handle vile veggies (gord's sqashed and stuff) to well, things a short bladed knife that needs to do really hard stuff with. He most used knife though is an RD4 I dumbly gave him thinking the handle to big for deer butchering. I got a RD Falcon (wish I could find an Afghan) to replace that one.

    I saw that what I ordered from the batch of 3 advertised on Amazon only 2 are able to have an estimated delivery date. Guess I'll have to keep an eye out and call Amazon CS later about it. So far they have always come through with problems.

    Of course one of my Tanto's might get redone with a spear point or drop point and more conventional edge done...really I can see the whole thing in my head but I can't grind and barely sharpen things nowadays. So I been looking for a skilled person to it for me. Blade profile like an RD RAK, only 1/4 spine maybe, or some thing to compliment the current blade with a minimum steel removal making it a drop point, or spear point.
  2. Roguer


    Jan 5, 2015

    Well...as usual the TFI order was killed by Amazon as the seller didn't send the knife in a certain time frame. That was the knife I really wanted but oh well, at least they kept an eye that seller.

    Of course, I gave the RD6 Ranger to a little brother who just uses knife stuff occasionally. So he now has some thing that can get him out of problematic situations of the parameters of outdoorieness he doesitcally. His big knife is a Camillus Titanium what so ever thingy, that seems to have some minimum multi-grade usage for its stated purpose for whacking, hacking, and notching, so the RD6 should fill the rest of the multitude of roles that it can widely do. I just wanted him to have one knife that can serve him well if and when he really needs to rely on it. I blathered in other posts about how usable the RD6 is with its handle and choil and stuff, decent even for a FFG for usage making it a good bushy craft to heavy duty survival knife. (for a FFG blade that is, I like a saber grind more usually). The RD6 is a good general purpose knife, jack of all trades and master of a few of the more common tasks.

    The RD Tanto I got...well I got enough of them, one project I thought about is having a blade master or good knife person make a drop point version out of one for me. I guess I can use the excuse to see how it would turn out if I ever broke the tip on an RD Tanto. RD Tanto is a knife I gave to a few brothers who do go in to the wilderhood a lot and really have a need for a heavy use midland chopper and okishsortofishly bushy craft duty stuff. It can make feather sticky stuff. Not as fast and efficient and decent and Bush Craftically but 'eh, it can do it. But then the folding lock back in the pouch they also carry can do that better if wanted.

    And another main reason for getting these knives. Its the 5160 steel that is properly done. That's about all I can say about that one.
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