I Really Hate This Knife


Dec 24, 1998
Have you ever bought a knife you really have come to HATE! Let it out.
No. Never. Had a few that wouldn't break my heart if I lost them. Ignored a few. Gave away some. Never hated one. Hate is such a strong word that I have never used in the same sentence with the word knife except in the following:
I hate it when I don't have enough money to buy a knife




How about a knife I won't buy? I used to _love_ the Cold Steel Mini-Tanto, when it had a brass _single_ guard.

It was a great way to carry a strong sharp piece of steel, in a very small package. The brass guard and pommel looked classy, too. And although the handle was small, because of the _single guard_, you could put your thumb along the back of the guard, and the knife was very comfortable to hold and use. I carried one for years.

Then, inexplicably, they "ruined" the knife. They put a (ugly shiny stainless) _full_ guard on this small handled knife. Now it is very uncomfortable to hold or use, unless you have a fairly small hand. Now it no longer mathces the regular Tanto, either, which still has a single guard (although that too is now shiny stainless).It matches some of the larger Tantos, though.

So, a knife I used to love, has become a knife I cannot buy. I hate when that happens!

I bought a CRKT Apache. I spent weeks online looking at knives/prices/features, and decided to purchase the thing. Flipping JUNK. The bead blast was sooooo rough that it would take off your fingernails, and couldn't cut cardboard. Where the teflon bearings rode, there was heavy beadblasting, so it opened like it had sandpaper bushings. ALL the screws were loose, and did not have any thread locker on them. Grrrrrrrrrrr......I gave it away....there were other problems with it,but I am mad about it enough for now.


I sharpen the knives for my circle of friends because I've got decent sharpeners. Some are on a budget and/or are young and dumb...I handle more Pakistani crapola than most. One I put an "edge" on yesterday had massive dings near the tip, I'm talking thick enough to hold a credit card...and a few HARD strokes with the coarse Spydie Sharpmaker triangle took 'em right out. I don't wanna think too hard on what the Rockwell was...*maybe* 40 or so

As a class, I detest fillet knives. Sorry, but: too specialized, not actually that good on fish. I've cleaned a LOT of fish in my day, and when I want to fillet I can do it with a "skinning" type motion from top to spine with a good solid plainedge with belly, then do a second stroke starting the other side of the spine. There's a LOT less wasted meat that way...and fillet knives are too weak for ANY other purpose.


Jim March
Hate is a strong word to apply to an inanimate object. I have hated myself for spending so much money on custom made liner-lock folders that collapse under the first smart rap on the spine.

I strongly dislike the Gerber Command I. It's like the classic Mark I, but single edged, maintaining 1/4-inch thickness for most of the blade length. It has a "serrated" false edge, but these serrations are practically useless. It seemed like a good buy when I was a teenager.

David Rock
If I would hate an inanimate object like a knife, then it would be SPYDERCO BABY GODDARD.
It does have some fine qualities, like a nice blade profile, tight pivot, strong lock, and a funny smelling Micarta handle. BUT the opening hole is simply too small (about 6.5 mm) for my (medium-sized) thumb, and the damn thing is even generously chamfered! In addition, the handle shape of the larger Goddard(s) simply does not function with the diminutive size of the BG (and the slippery material, of course, does not help).

I could add a few quibbles more, but maybe that suffices. Now, when I think about it, the possibility of *hate* with respect to a knife might arise, for me, from the fact that I really wanted to like this one.


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I hate all those cheap $10 to $20 knives I a have bought from the mail order catalogs throughout my life. I always thought I was getting a good deal, until the things would disintegrate on me. Some people never learn. I could own a Damascus Sword with I spent on cheap knives.
The entire Boeker line of folders (O umlaut is correctly translated into English as 'oe', so Boker with the umlaut should be Boeker....but who cares?) OK, BOKER line.

You cannot take them apart. They have a weird fastener, which appears to be a simple hex head. However, the outer part of the fastener is just a mm. or so thick, then there is a space, and a smaller hex opening, which is smaller than the first, and so shallow it is unusable.

I HATE things you can't take apart (just ask Benchmade). I have tried every conceivable type of wrench on this abortifacient example of wretched Teutonic engineering, to no avail. I have given them all away, except one. I'm saving that for my ex-wife's birthday
I'll contribute to any thread that allows hate

My nomination is the EDI Genesis.
Ain't saying it is a bad knife. I just hate the way it fits my hand.....
Especially in light of the (IMO) excessive adulation it has received on the groups.

I am currently negotiating with a suc........oops, a friend to take it off my hands.

To put it in perspective, I have , recently traded off two SOCOMs and a Sebenza.
So, it is possible that I have a character flaw.

Brian W E
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Yes, a Spyderco Pro Venator that I bought some while back. The Kraton in the clip catches on my pocket and the makes the clip stick out so far that it is always getting caught on things and bending. The shape was nice, but as I am very fond of clips, the knife was not usable.
About 10 years ago I bought a Boker 1100 lockback. It was to replace my Buck 110 for everyday carry. The Buck is a fine knife, but way too thick and heavy for constant pocket carry.
Anyway initially I was quite pleased with the Boker, thinner, very light weight...seemingly perfect. About 6 months into it, the lock broke. Man I am PO'd...$30 for that thing with a flopping blade. So it sat around for about another 6 months...until I forced it apart. THE LOCK WAS PLASTIC!!!!!!!

I fit a piece of metal in it, filled it with epoxy, and its not a bad little fixed blade kitchen utility.
Lately I have been experiencing a dissatisfaction with folding knives in general. I reached the climax of this mode with the purchase of the kershaw ken onion toy knife. I can't say I hate any of them, in fact some were of very high quality and design. I just came to the realization that no matter what type of lock it is, rolling, integral, axis, superwhizbangdoublelock, or whatever, it will never be as dependable as as a quality fixed blade.

So here's my proclamation of hate:

I hate the fact I wasted all that money on those linerlocking toy knives, when I could have had a quality fixed blade for every day of the week!


I have to whole heartedly agree with David regarding the Gerber Command I. Like he said it's really thick blade stock and the serrations on the back are useless. A friend in the Rangers years ago had the double edged version and I had to have one.But the only ones sold in the Boston area at that time were the single edge with the serrations. The only good thing was the sheath. At the time was nicly made of leather which Gerber did away with and supplied a cordura sheath instead.