I think a Randall model 1 would make a nice graduation present for myself...

Jul 14, 2000
heh heh heh.
What are your experiences with them? Seems like some people are afraid to use them.Is that fear justified,or will these knives take whatever I throw at em?
I want to buy a knife,not a name.
So MO, you wanna buy a knife and not a name huh? Well, with Randall you are doing both. I have a Randall, and it is a very nice knife for sure. However, I think alot of the price is simply for the name. There are a few grinder mark (scars) in the blade on mine. Grinds are good, although not perfect. There is visible solder on the guard/blade joint. Dont get me wrong, I think they are very solid knives that will serve you well, just dont expect a perfect fit and finish. I have seen (actually own) custom knives that are far nicer in finish than the Randall. My Cooper hunter comes to mind....Mike sells those for a hundred dollars or more cheaper than a Randall, and its a much nicer knife than the Randall.

Owning a Randall for me is a pleasure because I wanted a "Randall", not because it is the nicest knife of its style (its not).

If you make it to the show in April MO, I will bring mine for you to examine and see what I am talking about.

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Congrats, Mo. Better watch out next year at junior high though - the principal probably won't like you carrying knives in his hallways.

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Excellent choice, there are many cool looking knives out there, the difference is that Randall Knives actually work well. Put one in your hands and you will see why its a Randall.
Never reall seen the atraction of Randel knives myself, must have missed something.

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Why don't you get a Dozier? I know that you're located quite near the Dozier hometown, so it wouldn't be too hard to see the knives first hand. But, that's just my opinion.

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