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    Feb 8, 2016
    Hello all! A good friend of mine returned home a while ago from working out of province. I'll state for the record that he's never been a "knife guy" as long as I've known him. Now, on with the story... Upon returning, he had a very cheap, very dull, half busted, partially serrated knife his boss had had given him to use on the job. He said that he hated the combo edge, and claimed that it would dull just by looking at it. He didn't want to spend an excessive amount of money on a blade, so I recommended a Tenacious. He bought one, and absolutely loved it! He was happy with it for about a week or two, until he saw my Kershaw Blur, then he HAD to have an assisted opener. He ordered a Blur of his own, and really enjoys opening and closing it...but that was about it. In actual use, he found the Spyderco to be much better so he stuck with it. With his new found appreciation, he'd been using his knives much more. To the point where he was asking me about different steels and edge retention.... I even caught him browsing online at some Spydies! Apparently the 8Cr13MoV wasn't "cutting" it for him though, I showed up the other night and he was playing with this.....
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