i think im in love...

Dec 20, 2005
been looking around for a nice edc to save for and the para military just caught my eye. man. good lookin knife. what do you all think of it?
Jun 8, 2005
I really love mine. It's my main EDC. I've never had a knife that sharp out of the box, not even close. The oversized spyder hole is excellent, and I think future spydercos should emulate this feature. The ergonomics and G10 are top notch, I especially like the finger choil.

But the best feature of the knife is the compression lock. It allows for a very smooth, very flickable action, as well as one handed opening and closing-- in fact, with practice, you can flick it closed as well as open (like an axis lock).

My blade, and a lot of other folks, is noticeably off centered when closed. Something to look out for. Also, very minor vertical play seems to be common. These things annoy me, but it's still my favorite. Also be aware that, although the para is a 3 inch blade, it is MUCH larger than other 3 inch blade knives. It's surprisingly light though, for its size. Expect it to be comparable to your four inch blades in overall size.

It's my favorite Spyderco at any price.

Really a steal at 115.
Nov 11, 2005
The para military is one sweet knife, and a good price for what you get. Just get one, you wont be up set.