I Think My Bk-11's Blade Is Damaged, Help Needed!

Sep 16, 2007
Hello all, recently I lent my friend my BK-11 for a while. He used it for camping and he sharpened it before he returned it to me. He used an Edge Maker Pro, which did a decent job. When I received the knife, it wasn't as sharp as I wanted it since the Edge Maker Pro sharpens at 20 degrees, but the knife has a 15 degree edge. I began using my Spydero Sharpmaker and used the usual recommended technique in the instructions manual. However, after I finished sharpening, I noticed that my knife had "splinters" on the edge! Here are the pictures:




Can someone explained what happened, and how? Now it looks like the blade is chipped since the "splinters" came off. I don't think I have the skills nor the tools needed to repair this, and I don't have any good knife shops around here to help me. So I need to ask, is there anyone who can repair, sharpen, and possiblly make custom scales for me?

Thanks in advance!
It is hard to say exactly what happened. But it looks like somehow the metal on the edge was damaged and it finally fractured and has cracked and come off. It could have possibly been a real bad wire edge?

I have never heard of that sharpener. Do you have a picture or a link to one? Or even a description to how it works? Some sharpeners are terrible and can do quite a bit of damage during 'sharpening'.
I wouldn't allow anybody to try to do anything to my edges unless I've seen his work before and it gets my approval.
my guess is bad wire edge occurred.
you may need to reprofile the edge, starting with a med (300-400 grit) grit stone and work your way back to your preferred level of sharpness.
be careful that you don't create another wire edge while you're re-sharpening.
Edgemaker pro looks like those pre-set carbide rod thingos

Christ, that style of sharpener is terrible for a knife. I have seen them do exactly what your picture shows with those little metal whiskers. I think it must have damaged the edge just enough so that it broke free when you sharpened it. I sure as hell wouldn't loan that friend any more knives without a lesson on sharpening first.
Don't panic, the knife isn't badly damaged. Now might be a good time for you to buy a good sharpener, like an Edge-Pro and put a new edge on it. Where are you located?
I live in Seattle, and I've been hearing nothing but horror stories from places that sharpen knives around here. I've looked at the Edge-Pro Apex but it's a bit out of my price range. I may look into reprofiling it, but I'm afraid of messing it up.

Needless to say, my friend isn't borrowing anymore more of my knives. Thankfully the BK-11 isn't expensive.
I know hand sharpening is scary to think about damaging a knife. My hands are not too steady, but I now primarily sharpen by free hand, and also with the Paper Wheels (Razor Sharp brand) on a cheap grinder. The whole rig can be had for less than $100. You could also buy diasharp stone slabs with coarse and stepping down to fine, and then make a strop. If you are into knives, you should be into sharpening knives. Reprofile and put a new edge on that knife. I doubt it is thrashed beyond repair. Cut a 4x4 piece of wood into whatever degree bevel you like to sharpen to, place your stones on the ramp and keep your blade horizontal. It is not alchemy, or gnosticism, just geometry. Hang around Maintenance Tinkering and Embellishment, and get educated on edginess. You will never send another knife out for anyone to sharpen. It is rewarding to do it yourself. Let your friend buy his own camp knife, your fault for giving him yours.
You've got your sharpmaker, 1095 is not a difficult steel to re-profile. Put the medium stones on, if you want 15 degrees, set them up, and go through your corner progression until you have removed the damaged portions. Make sure to do each side equally. It will take time, but you will get there. You could also invest in the diamond stones, and go through the reprofiling more quickly. Just take your time, don't rush, and you will be ok. The sharpmaker is an excellent and versatile tool.
As knifenut1013 said, get the DMT Aligner or the DMT MagnaGuide. You can probably get either one for around $40 from various online sources (includes stones).

You should be able to re-profile your edge, and then maintain it forever with the DMT diamond stones.