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I took time out from knifemaking to bottle my wine

Oct 27, 2005
I just finished bottling 34 bottles of Pinot Noir wine that I've had aging in oak since December 2005. It went into the fermenter in October and after some clarifying it was aged. It turned out great. Now when I finish working in the shop, I can have a nice glass of wine by the fire. It's a nice change from the shop from time to time.
That coool!!!!! Do you want to swap some of my HT'g relish for your wine.:confused: :confused: That way you can just open the jar and sit by it. ;) :D
I would imagine that your HT'g relish would provide both warmth inside as the wine would do and warmth outside like the fire would do. Kill two birds with one stone?
Baccus would be proud of you. :thumbup: do you wash your feet before you stomp?

I actually let the vineyards turn it into juice for me! Same stuff in their bottles sells for $39 a bottle at the local wine store. I got 34 bottles for a total of $125.