I WANT and EK Commando, but Where to find one?

Anybody know of an authority on these blades so I can find out where to get one in "new" condition? I find it hard to believe that these knives are dissappearing into oblivion after the Blackjack company failure. Ka-Bar has come back in full swing? Somebody has to pick up this line, it is an excellent design IMHO. Thanks, and I "should" have bought one when I had the chance. I bought my blckjk ek bowie for about 40 bucks!
Dec 18, 1998

I have a guardless, removable black micarta slabs, double edged, NIB Ek M-4 for sale. $50, you pay shipping.
I have the dagger style in OD sheath and OD parachute cord wrapped handle.
Never carried, used, or sharpened.
If interested, e-mail me at ljoh487175@aol.com.
Thanks Larry
I am looking for either the Bowie or Stiletto (full double edge-not the half edge model) with the brass curved forward handguards? Micarta preferable but the cord is OK. Also I think I saw a "DESERT STORM" model somewhere, years ago?? Anyone ever seen this one? I forget what it looked like, but remember I wanted one, but not bad enough to buy one at the time. Anyone have any literature from the mfg company that comes with any of the knives?

I know there is someone hoarding Ek's out there. They're were many to be had a short while ago. Now I see ZERO around, at the gun shows , etc??

I also know there are people out there who know quite a bit about the models/history. Anyone wish to discuss?

I have the Desert Storm model which is an M6 (double edged bowie) with tan teflon coated fixtures and desert camo paracord wrap and sheath.

Don't confuse this with the "desert warrior" model which was inferior.



I carried one of the Ek models that you have in Somalia and sold it for much needed beer money when we got back... Quite possibly the worst mistake I've made in regards to selling a knife. I still hope that I find one someday...

Chris Canis

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Sandman, I have several Eks. I'll check when I get home tonight to see which I'm willing to part with.


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Well, I've been told that the Sportsmans Guide is selling a stainless dagger EK for about $40!

I called Sportsmans Guide and they are no longer in stock!!!!!!!!!!!!

Does anyone have any other leads on this ever elusive blade???

The model that Sprtsmans guide carried was a unique version as far as I know. Bead blasted stiletto W/ brass guard?? I haven't even seen that model?

They have to be lying around somewhere?