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I went to check out the _________ in person and was surprised I was SO UNDERWHELMED..

Discussion in 'General Knife Discussion' started by Dabakr, Mar 20, 2013.

  1. Alann45


    Jul 4, 2009
    Funny how we can have exactly opposite reactions to the same knives.

    I'd resisted the Military for a long time.
    Since it shows up near the top of every list thats done about the best Spyderco, I finally broke down when Knifeworks did their exclusive M390 Military Carbon Fiber. While certainly a good knife, it underwhelmed me and is pretty close to my least favorite Spydie.
    I love the Para...probably one of my top 5 Spydies.

    Guess thats why they make more than one model :D.
  2. rwasham


    Mar 27, 2009
    I think denpending on who you are you can be underwhelmed by almost any knife. If you have traits that you come to expect or like from certain knives you can find that other knives that may be just as good don't fit your understanding of what a good knife is. That being said I think part of the fun of collecting is just being able to use and handle multiple blades in many styles from different manufacturers. It's cliche but variety is my spice...I apply it heavily to everything I do.
  3. BladeChick777


    Jun 20, 2011
    I don't think the OP was trying to be insulting, he was explaining his experience and opinions.
    Many people have found the Noryl handles to be lacking.
    They're the big reason I don't own a couple of BM's I like the design of.
    As for the Axis Lock, there's no doubt it's a good lock, but it certainly isn't my favorite either.

    Many people say the Noryl handles feel "cheap" and I personally think "chintzy" is a nicer way to express that opinion. While the Noryl handled knives are no doubt good knives, the Noryl handles leave something to be desired and it does feel like maybe Benchmade is holding something back.

    Don't give up and keep looking, you may find one that suits you. =]
    If not, there are many brands available.
  4. monger4142


    Jan 30, 2010
    understandable, if you don't like them don't buy them. I agree with you about $100 benchmades feeling cheap, specifically the griptilian. I've never really been pleased with any benchmades besides their older balisongs.
  5. Dabakr


    Mar 7, 2013
    Sorry about posting in the wrong board..or wahtever 'law' I busted. I want to be clear i really did not want to trash BM knifes because A)I don't know enough about them and B) I HAVE to believe that if the same guys that love the Spydercos are also lovin some of the BM's then there is something I am missing out on. I am not SO arrogant to believe that I alone have discovered the 'secret' flaw in bm that nobody else is attuned to. That siad what I merely wanted to convey (although, I guess badly) was that I was totally UNDERWHELMED. That all. I wasn't overwhelmed like I was with my second Spyderco-Persistence which is 99.7% perfect in very aspect-from my pov. There may be things abut the bm that are far superior to my 'value' ambitious and persistence (and look out----Yojimbo2 is coming this way!) but I just didn't FEEL what it was. My quick test of the three bm's were for the most part tactile. The assist on barrage worked great. I just think the Spyderco FEEL, its HOLE (feel too) and its blade quality seems at the least equal. (bm blades seemed extremely fine and sharp but duh...they should be)

    So-my post is really me saying I made a decision to get 2-3 higher end (or mid-range) blades and I thought it would be a mix of Spy,BM, maybe Al MAr. But what REALLY happened is I have been sucked into the Spyderco fold for the time being as I'm toroughly impressed with my persistence and my Ambitious gets better every day (after initial tuning). I can only imagine the Y2 wil be what another member described as a 'little work of art' Sure hope so. And apologies that BM 'underwhelms' me compared to Spyderco. One day I'll have the time and money to explore what all the guys that love that brand are all about. But for now its the 'hole' thing. (okay-i won't criticize another brand again unless-what is it?...I'm on that brands forum? Whoooo, thats harsh!
  6. Dabakr


    Mar 7, 2013
    Thanks bladechick. You have expressed my sentiments exactly. I WANTED to love a BM but the 'noryl' or gfr or whatever it is will ALWAYS stop me in my tracks. And I was thoroughly satisfied with every other aspect of the Barrage-including the lock-bar but It still didnt 'blow me away' It worlked great and thats a great thing. I just hope the compression lock on my coming Y2 is as innovative and exciting as its been described. woo! I definiely want to be BLOWN away by any blade I pay more then $50 for-at least in some respect. The Abitious: Sharpest dang blade out of box ever. Persistence:perfect f&f and line-up. Top teir quality for under $40. That blows me away. And I hope and expect the y2 will in some way too.won;t it?
  7. DShiflet


    Jan 25, 2013
    A weird feeling...that doesn't exist, IMO. There wasn't any different "feeling" between using a BM Grip and using any of my $20 Kershaws. Well, except, the Kershaws are nicer looking and open faster.
  8. Omega Leather Works

    Omega Leather Works

    Jun 13, 2007
    Yeah, maybe you'll get it one day, maybe you won't. Strangly (at least to me) I've never even handled a Noryl BM. I owned a Barrage, but it was a limited edition with full g10 scales and m390 steel.

    If you get the itch to try again may I suggest a 950 Rift? That's if you find the crazy scales appealing. Every part of that knife says quality. The thumbstuds are lovely, the standoffs are gorgeous the blade is beautiful. There is literally nothing about that knife that I don't love. The 810 Contego is another great one, but it's pretty extreme and it's aggressive jimping and ergonomics turn some people off. If you ever need an insanely thin and light knife you may find what you need in the 530. It's another great knife, but it's extreme thinness hampers the axis a little.

    In any case, what I'm really trying to say is that BKC offers something for every need. It was really easy for me to get caught up in the fandom of one knife company for years. Only now am I realizing that that was a mistake and really quite silly. Try not to limit yourself because you will be missing out on a huge part of the hobby. If it's not Benchmade that's okay, try something else. In my experience once I've sampled a few knives from a maker it's surprising how different another company does things. :thumbup:
  9. Cursum Perficio

    Cursum Perficio Basic Member Basic Member

    Oct 27, 2012
    My bro has a Barrage 580, and while its good I do understand the OPs impression on first handling.
    I have a Barrage 581 and its well worth the extra cost. I think if you handle a 581 you will have a much better impression.
  10. MatthewSB


    Feb 1, 2013
    That's interesting, because the Benchmade has very little steel inside to make up the frame, while the Spydercos have a full length skeletonized steel frames under the cheap feeling plastic.
  11. GregS


    May 6, 2008
    I felt the same way about mine, so I traded it off.
  12. Bugout Bill

    Bugout Bill

    Jan 2, 2013
    They also have cheap looking texturing on the cheap feeling FRN. I'm not a huge fan of FRN to begin with, but Spyderco's FRN just doesn't work for me. I think the G10 Delica and G10 Enduras are pretty cool, but I'm not a big fan of lockbacks knives.
  13. Ken44


    Jun 29, 2005
    The OP said he didn't like the build quality of the ones he mentioned.
    I think the "build quality" of the BATAC was very good.
    I sold my BATAC because I didn't like the hanlde, but there was nothing wrong with the build quality.
  14. SCMike


    Jan 25, 2013
    I like and own several Benchmade knives, but the OP chose two of my least favorite BM models by which to judge the whole brand.
    The grip and the barrage, IMO, have cheap-feeling, plastic-like scales. It gives the knife a cheap and insubstantial feel to it.
    Some people love them, but they aren't for me, and apparently not for the OP.
    Try some other Benchmades with different scales, G10 or aluminum.
  15. BladeChick777


    Jun 20, 2011
    He isn't judging the whole brand.
    He just said that he was underwhelmed with his experience of those specific models.

    The Compression lock is one of my favorites. I like it. I'm sure you'll like it too. It just does something for me. Where the Axis doesn't.
    Don't get me wrong, I like the Axis lock, but it isn't my favorite.

    Later down the road, check out some other BM's. I'm sure you'll find one you like, or at least one where the build quality doesn't let you down.

    For now, if you like Spyderco, there's no problem with that. I love them! But don't miss out on some other brands knives, Kershaw and ZT are good, Boker is too. =]

    Try a Boker Albatros. For around $100 I am blown away by the build quality and materials used.
  16. Dabakr


    Mar 7, 2013
    your correct that I "judged" bm based on those two models-but-only because thats all the store had for me to handle. I wanted to actually have some hands on experience before deciding on the BM vs. the Spyderco but all they sell in stores around here besides Gerber and crkt (oh-shoot-I forgot walmart supposedly carries blades-but not as many near the big cities. have to go out to boonies where people arent 'askeert' of some blades)

    Anyway-all REI had was the mini-grip and the barrage. I was thinking about the Barrage so THAT was the bigger -underwhelming moment. As I said-it was all fine a dandy-just didnt knock my socks off for that $ and as someone who has never spent more then $45 for a blade. The grips was not on my list but was surprisingly light and I just didnt like it.

    I would have loved to handle some Spydercos but nobody carries them in store. However-based on my limited experience with the 2 near-twin Ambitious/Persistence I am confident that I will be pretty happy with the Yojimbo2. Plus-I checked the weight so I know its as heavier then the Persistence. I am hoping the compression lock is as impressive and interesting (and fun) as it looks on youtube but I'll have to wait a few more days to see. I am sure you are correct in that if I had the chance to examine other BMs I would have found at least one or 2 that wowed me. After all-I can't be THAT picky. I've been happy with a Leek, CRKT h.u.g and opinel #9 for years! This whole Spyderco/BM/ +$75 blades is a WHOLE NEW GAME for me. Y2 is more then 3x what I ever would have told you I'd spend on a simple edc 3 months ago. So thats what that is.
  17. tirod3


    Jun 27, 2006
    Interesting, I own both and came to the same kind of conclusion - but found BM to be the better knife. Spyderco left me a bit underwhelmed.

    Part of the experience was buying and handling knives from each in the exact opposite order, and FRN Spyderco Endura with integral FRN clip, vs a Benchmade CQC7 in G10. Both make great knives as I have learned, I've had a Military - and it was every bit as good or even better than the older BM.

    They keep leapfrogging each other, what's left is our personal assessment, not a moral or value judgment. Me, I dislike FRN in any form, and won't knowingly pay for it. It's not a bad material, but it does REQUIRE liners as it WILL take a set and clench a blade without them. G10 is stiff enough to eliminate needing a liner - I carried and still own a SnG and the stuff does not cold flow. FRN can and will, pretty much the reason pickup truck owners have to use concrete blocks to support the center of the toolboxes made from it.

    I said that years ago and the FRN fanboys immediately lit their torches and grabbed their pitchforks. Sorry, in my experience, it's a fact, and seeing Spyderco eliminate the integral clip and add a metal one is just more confirmation.

    So, in terms of materials, I agree with being underwhelmed, especially when the mold cost spread out over tens of thousands of knives should mean both Grips and Enduras should be retailing at $20. I don't expect to ever see those prices, tho, because the public will pay the higher inflated costs. "What the market will bear" has more to do with the consumers lack of knowledge about production more than a realistic assessment of worth.

    This isn't saying either company is overdoing it, but they sure aren't dumb enough to leave money on the table. It's the public willing to overspend that supports FRN at it's price point. Think about it, how much material and labor are in a 950 Risk G10 handle with CNC sculpturing, vs. injected molded nylon popped out of a mold that made thousands of others? We're talking dollars vs pennies in comparison.

    I get it being underwhelmed - just the opposite conclusion tho, and that's what's interesting about the discussion.

    Same for the Axis - I've worked up from lock backs, to liner locks, to frame locks, and moving to an Axis, there wasn't any bells or whistles. If anything, I'm still getting used to it. It takes different muscles, different moves, and so far, I'm not feeling terribly impressed. But - given the difficulties I have experienced with weak liners, slipping locks that let go when cycled side to side, and having paid good money for them, I appreciate how the Axis won't do that. It might take me a few more months to trust it, but so far, it's all me and a lack of muscle memory, not the lock screwing up. Those that have used the Axis report things are different down the road. I do know liners and frames only get worse - the longer you use them, the more likely they will malfunction.

    It's all about individual impressions, nothing wrong with coming to different conclusions. What is interesting is that in the long run, given more knives and using them, how many start sharing the same insights.

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