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I. Wilson Sheffield Knife ?

Discussion in 'Blade Discussion Forum Archive' started by johno, Jan 9, 2000.

  1. johno


    Aug 12, 1999
    I asked about the price of some stuff in a cabinet at an antique shop, they evidently didn't know it was there, and they charged me $2 for a handful. One of the items was a wood (mahogany ?) handled 9.5 inch kitchen carving knife that had a couple of markings with "I. Wilson" one the next line, "Sycamore St" on the next line, and "Sheffield, England" on the next. It's 0.090 inch thick at the handle. The carbon steel has a nice patina, some etching, and a bit of rust cleaned off with some oil and paper. It's easy to get a shaving sharp edge on it. Anyone know anything about the company ? Evidently I. Wilson supplied a lot of skinning knives to the US but I havn't found anything else about them. For less $2 it's nice being able to handle what looks like some older Sheffield carbon steel, even if it's just a kitchen knife.
  2. Senator


    Oct 2, 1998
    The Levine's Guide has a pic of a I. (John) Wilson Sheffield butcher's knife with a 6.5" hand-forged blade. It's got sort of a semi-skinner type shape. It lists beechwood, boxwood, and rosewood as handle materials. It also says that the handles have a diamond-shaped cross-section. The pic was from a 1933 catalog and lists a value of $50-$100. If you'd like a scan of the pic, just drop me an e-mail.


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  3. johno


    Aug 12, 1999
    I might be getting a copy of Levine's book for my birthday, and if not I'll take you up on the offer. Thanks.

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