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I WON!!!

Oct 14, 1998
Here I was expecting to win a knife today. Didn't happen.
Instead I won an HP Deskjet from Computability (www.computability.com).

I was flabbergasted. I never win anything. It was great, but I think I would have rather won a knife instead. I'd gladly trade the printer for a Carnivour. I already have 3 printers and 0 Carnivours. Now I have 4 printers and 0 Carnivours!!! Those numbers just don't add up.
Ahh... Cheer up Bob. Think of all the pictures of the Carnivours you can print up.


Hey Bob...which Deskjet did ya win? Wanna part w/ it? Just curious, I'm a trash digger.
I don't even remember which model they were giving away - dumb huh! It's one of those deals where you just click and enter your name in the drawing. Once a month they give something away. This time it was 4 HP deskjet printers. They took my shipping information through email. I'll know which model when it shows up - I'll post the info.