I'd Buy a Knife Over a Gun

Dec 16, 2003
I used to have a lot of both, sold a lot of each, now... I have more knives than guns (three). I carry both everyday, have a CCW, for many years and don't kid yourself... if pressed to defend myself, and I have once... the pistol comes out before the knife! :thumbsup:

Know what's weird here in Colorado? Even with my firearm permit, I'm still limited, legally to a 3.5 inch blade for legal everyday carry. That's as ridiculous as it gets.
Sep 29, 2018
My limit on knives is around $200. At the moment.
Guns on the otherhand is a different story. I grew up with my Dad and 3 older brothers shooting guns since I can remember. Sporting clays, target shooting and hunting. Never really needed or wanted one until getting hitched. Hunted with a compound bow after being on my own. My wife always wanted the 9mm her x took in their divorce. Wasn't long and we were at a gun store that one of her friends from school owned, and we ended up getting one that my large hands could comfortably fire. We had fun shooting that together. To make the story short, we now trade off who's turn it is to get the next one. My first was a Kimber 1911, 45 cal that ran about $1300. We both have a few each now and still counting. The ammo thing is a small issue, but since the wife works almost next door to a Fin, Feather and Fur, she goes about 3 times a week for ammo. And our 4 ammo boxes are full to the rim. We shoot a lot. And the reloading stuff has already come as one of my Christmas gifts. But I consider it a rather big difference between a $200 knife and our guns that run $400 - $1300. Usually the knives I save up for over a long period. Putting a ten or twenty back here and there until one really strikes my fancy or I find a good deal. Although I mostly collect as an investment. Mostly is key. I am always looking at what they sell for. Still yet to let any go. Could easily sell a few and get a better gun. So the knives are a save up for, as my own fun. And the guns, a family ordeal that we all like. The 15 year old daughter likes her S&W M&P 22. She is becoming quite the markswoman!
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