ID this knife, please.

I found almost the same knife, only with a fixed guard rather than folding, on the Strømeng website that shriek linked. The Helle Lapland is similar, and the closest Brusletto is the Hunter, not quite the same, either.
Those are both Scandinavian made, the style is called leuku puukko. They may have been made in Finland by Marttiini but I'm not sure. The one with the folding guard was sold here by Kellam Knives a few years ago but I haven't really seen them anywhere lately. You might want to contact Kellam to get more info.
Both knives were made by Stromeng of Norway. The one with the folding guard was reportedly made for Norwegian Special Forces troops, that is were mine came from. That model is no longer made, they do make an 8 inch model with a single finger guard. I have that one too and like it.