idea 2- crooked knife

Howard Wallace

Feb 23, 1999
In another old book, Wildwood Wisdom, Elsworth Jaeger shows how to build a crooked knife. Here is a scanned picture from the old book, via Jimbo's webpage.


The crooked knife is used in wood carving. It is especially useful when making bowls or other dished shapes.

This is another item the kamis could possibly make, if there were a market.

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I can't see the pic either but I know what they are and I would love to have a good one.
They're good for other things besides just making bowls.


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You have it posted properly. But initially
I could not see it. Had to go into the edit
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in a seperate window. Then after closing that second window, refreshing the forum window, the image also appeared in your post. Weird.
I think these folks might have what you are looking for. Prices are in German Marks but there is a conversion page. Check out the axes and hatchets while you are there too. I haven't seen a new broad axe in years.

Oh, happy Easter to all also.
Hi Howard,
geocities doesn't allow people to view graphics without visiting an html document.
You have to find someone else to host the pic.
I use a crooked knife every time I make a sheath, It works great! My Dad made it quite a few years ago.
I moved the picture over to my ISP's webserver, so it should work for everyone now.

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Check out the March/April issue of the Backwoodsman. There is a great article in there by Tom Rogers on the crooked knife with step by step photos on how to make one. You might also want to check out this thread:


I get some pleasure from finding a relentlessly peaceful use for a combative looking knife.
Dang! I apologize for my last totally inconsiderate post. It was sort of like going to a Busse Forum and telling people there to buy Camillus. Sorry. I will delete the content if you want. I just wasn't thinking. I almost never post in this forum and so I wasn't thinking too clearly about which forum I was posting in. I was just trying to provide information about crooked knives, one of my favorite types of blades. Sorry again and please let me know by email. I will be more than happy to delete the reference.


I get some pleasure from finding a relentlessly peaceful use for a combative looking knife.
Don't sweat it Hoodoo. I think Uncle Bill nailed it when he said "if we ever get caught up". There's to much going on already!

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