Idea for a remake of an old model

Nov 12, 2006
I am a big fan of the Spur I got one in April and i was thinking the only way this grate knife could get any better is if it had about a 3 inch blade with the same shape. What does everyone else think.
Thanks Louie
Spyderco had a larger version. I believe it was the Pro-Hunter. It was basically a longer version of the Spur. In fact, I think it came first.
Grab yourself a Stretch while they can still be found. I't a Spur on steroids. 3.5" flat ground blade, kraton on both sides, 4 way mountable clip. Outstanding!
Thanks for the help I have been thinking of buying a Stretch but have not bought one yet, and I may have to wait some more because I just got a Karambit. Thanks Louie