Idea for Leatherman Promotion! (Humor?)

Jedi Knife

May 6, 1999
What do you guys think about this: Packaged with every Leatherman SuperTool [for a limited time only] is a bonus pair of boxer shorts with "SuperTool" printed all over them !
Just what us menfolk need to boost the old ego up another notch, right? (We really need that.) Sorry guys, just being a little silly here to start the week off right.

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Ya but mine would need to have the Micra printed on it

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Do it! Do it right! Do it right NOW!

They could also run a similar promotion for "The Crunch" except the boxers included with these would be much, much smaller. (Ouch!)

4th, maybe they could do a special promotion and present a pair of WAVE boxers to Slick Willie since he seems to like to wave his around.


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Can I get a pair in XXLarge with the Ang Khola on them?

How about a pair with CARNIVORE by
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I cut it, and I cut it, and it's STILL too short!

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Somehow, I don't think that applies... at least, I hope it doesn't.


(Why else would a bear want a pocket?)
I can think of a few fellows in my old college roomate's fraternity who were known to men and women alike as "supertools."

What is this place coming too? This is starting to sound like the conversation I had with a good friend of mine the last time we ate at Hooters.
Yes she's a knife knut. No, I won't send her here, this place would go down hill so quick if both of us started posting here.

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