Ideal SAK for me.


Jan 5, 2003
This is the post that I have send to VICTORINOX, perhaps they´ll decide to produce it :D .
what do you think am I rigth to think should be a bestseller?.

Hello I contact with you to show you a model thai I think should be a bestseller:
Take your Trailmaster mod. and make some changes like:
-Use aluminium scales like soldier or farmer modeles
Only to main blades:
1-Plain blade no serrations onehand opened.
2-Saw blade but with a tin opener in its point, same design that the german issue pocket kinfe.
This way you have only two springs in the knife.
Finnaly put a crokscrew and a puncher like the one you use in farmer or soldier, the better I know to do holes.
This way you have a strong knife= alox scales with the main utilies a bushcrafter or survivaler or camper needs that are link to wood.
You can cut, saw, and make holes in wood to make tramps, pot holders etc.
And camper needs like tin opener and corkscreew.
Thanks for your attention, I expect to decided to make this model becouse I´ll buy one.
Best regards.
That sounds like a pretty good model to me.
I'd buy one too.
I like the One-Hand Trekker (TrailMaster) right now.

I sent an e-mail to Victorinox too, this is what I suggested:

Here is my ideal model:
Large Blade One Hand Open prefer plain edge
Combination can opener/bottle opener (like on waiter)
Corkscrew with mini screwdriver
Phillips Screw Driver (in Handle not in back)
Tooth Pick and Tweezers.

If that wouldn't be feasible then a One Hand Picnicker would be my next choice.

They were nice enough to reply and they even suggested the Trekker (which I already owned). It would be nice to see some more One Hand models.