Identification or era of this Japanese spyglass?

Oct 23, 2009
Firstly, sorry I don't have more pictures right now. I just found this going through decades of gadgets accumulated by my father.

So what don't you see in the picture? Mainly: what appears to be a "Bioky"(?) company logo; a sticker that appears to say something like "PASSED Japan Telescope Inspection Institute;" an imprint of "JAPAN" (+logo); and a leather(?) zipper case which contains a small compartment which contains a 6 Power attachment.
Everything except the glass and plastic handle seems to be made of metal. Probably most of you are thinking "meh." There's just something really cool about this, and it could be the fact that it works really well. Or maybe it taps into that spygear obsession. I'm guessing 1966-1982.
In event, I'm watching you. :cool: