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Sep 25, 2001
Every year Monroe hardware gives all its dealers a couple of these pocketknives with "Monroe Hardware CO" and then the year. One of the blades has Camillus marked on it. Can anyone name the actual design. I get them from my father that is an actual Monroe dealer but I know some people that want to buy some.

If the image doesn't load, here is a link.
Oct 4, 1998
We have made that knife [same model] for Monroe hardware since the '20's [don't know the exact year, but Tom Williams, our historian, could look it up for us]. Monroe Hardware uses them as giveaways to their dealers, and it is only availible through them. Neat old knife, with alot of history. I know folk here in the Carolina's that collect them.

For folks from other parts of the country, Monroe Hardware is a regional hardware distributor in the Carolina's. They get this knife made by us, for them every year. With the year stamped on the handle of the folder. Every now and then, I see an old MONROE HARDWARE knife in a farmer's hand cutting open a feed sack, and I get a smile on my face.

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Dec 29, 1999
The knife that we manufacture for Monroe Hardware Co. is a
model #1955C. We have made this knife with the year stamped on
the handle for quite a few years. These knives are only available
from Monroe Hardware Co.
Tom Williams
Camillus Cutlery Co.
May 14, 2018
I hate to bring up such an old thread, but it seems like some very knowledge people answered some questions here. I have some of these. I have seen it reported with a couple of different dates that Monroe started getting these knives in the 20's or the 40's. Mr. Fennell stated above that they were used as giveaways to their dealers. I am wondering how many each dealer got. This obviously would let us know just how "rare" they are. If they were given out by the thousands, they would definitely not be rare. I am also wondering when the production of these knives stopped. Monroe Hardware is still in business, but when I called them last week, I was told they no longer had these knives available. I believe Camillus filed for bankruptcy in 2007, but the production could have stopped earlier. Here is another thread about these knives:

Lastly, who else has any of these knives and what years do you have? Thanks, in advance, for any information.
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Sep 14, 2003
Here is a a new looking Camillus stamped knife I have no info on.
I was asked about it and need help id-ing it. I question the handle shape and that the sheath is original.
Any assistance would be great.
P.S. Ive heard it may be an "OLE BUCK" knife made by Camillus until Buck objected but info still needed. Pictures of sheath found were much different
Feb 17, 2013
That's an interesting knife in that it never shows up in any of the Camillus catalogs. It looks like a Buckmasters BM32 and a Western R32 from 2005 and 2006 ...BUT...

Those 2 knives had black Kraton handles, black nylon and black leather sheaths respectively. If this were a Buckmasters knive, the stamp would be appropriate, but again with a ...BUT...., there should be a Buckmasters etch on the blade. If it were a Western R32, it would have a Western stamp with a USA R32 as the second line.

My guess is that it is a post-bankruptcy sale frankenknife made with a unetched BM32 blade, some wood for the handles and a surplus Western sheath.