if i got a spydy police, can i put a new hjandle on it?


Sep 8, 2002
ok guys, i posted this in another area, and i didnt mean to so here goes.

Im looking at a spyderco police, it looks sweet and ive heard nothing but praise from it, the only thing is, i want the stainless version and if its not comfy :( then can i customize it with materials to make it more ergonomically correct for me??????????? and if i do, what would i use to secure the mnaterial? i cant use pins or loveless "wilson(lol)" fasteners.
The easiest thing to do would be to drill and tap holes for screws and just screw the handle material to the stainless frame. You could just put on an overlay or do the whole handle. Probally only need 2 or 3 screws on either side. That would thicken up the handle and you could also contour it. Or you could just put handle material on one side, the side without the clip. Bob Terzoula sometimes only puts handle material on one side of the knife, to "beef" it up a little.
thnks striper, that was very helpful, but to thread the side of the handle, isnt the handle rreally thin?
Not too thin for a small screw to get a good hold on it, no. I think you'll find that the Police is plenty comfortable in the hand. And the relative thinness is one of the reasons I like it. You can slip it in a shoe, your waistband, or, of course, your pocket and never feel it.
The frame is not too thin. I use titanium liners on some of my small folders that is .040 thick, thinner than 1/16. Use a 1-72 screw and you'll have no problems. You'll have to file down the length of the screw so it dosen't protrude into the knife frame.
Yep its possible like they said. You can even make a whole new handle if you want, I re handled a delica once.
The stainless slabs on the police is probably fairly close to 1/8" thick across the middle isn't it? I'd try #2-56 screws. Much eaiser to get done without breaking taps. Everyone deserves at least 1 ONE chance to work on a knife before they start facing challenges like removing broken taps ;)

I wouldn't recomend completely re doing the handle on your first try. The pins are metric, and you'd probably have to completely machine a new spacer to hold the back spring for the lock, gets kind of tricky on top of all the actial work of machining the handle. Overlay of some sort should be pretty easy though. Or maybe checkering or engraving?
you could drill and tap for scales, or you could recess the handle and use epoxy.