If Sal is SpyderMan and Danelle Wonder Woman...

Jan 21, 1999
then who is Batman? Robin? Superman? The Incredible Hulk? Flash?
Heh heh. I think Vince would be the Incredible Hulk. The man's responsible for production on the Military, Starmate, Native, Rench, Centofante, not to mention satisfying the forumites with their own special knife
Seemingly, doing this all at once

Dexter Ewing
Knife Reviews Moderator

"The keystroke is mightier than the sword"

I'd classify Sal as 'Batman' since it's always asked about him, "Where DOES he get those wonderful toys?!"

Vince = Superman, since he laser cuts the blades with his eyes.

& Danelle as Wonder Woman, since she uses her Magic Rope to pull herself up from the BS sometimes tossed her direction!
Sal-Batman(ingenuity)Designer of the Police and the now infamous Military. If you ever want to adopt a son....

Vince-Superman(tests and breaks the "Unbreakable")

Danelle-Wonder Woman(Isn't the lariot used to tie up bad guys and get the truth out of them?....Danelle?) Seriously-excellent job and awesome customer service.
Thanks for all the input and time on the forums.

God bless!

Romans 10:9-10

"Military" Fans Unite!!

No one knows who Batman is (except for people who've read the comic books or seen the movie or the tv show) -- so why couldn't anyone be Batman? He has no superpowers; he's just a guy who dresses up in a costume and fights for justice. If someone else did that how could anyone tell him from the real Batman? Wouldn't he be Batman, too, just as real as the real Batman? In fact, why would he need to wear a costume? Why shouldn't he fight for justice in whatever clothes he feels comfortable in? Why can't we all do that? We can all be Batmen and Batwomen!

With all of us prowling the streets disguised in ordinary clothes, injustice won't have a chance!

-Cougar Allen (aka Batman) :{)