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Oct 3, 1998

This happened to me today
While at some close friend's home enjoying a Christmas dinner, I was horsing around with some of the small Kids (3 to 10 year's old) after the meal (trying to work off a little of what I just ate).
Well I was wrestling around with this big 10-year-old boy, and my little girl-she's 3 (my princess, my love of my life, my wife always tells me I play to rough with her) decided to get involved. She jumped on the boy then, rolled over him landed on me then on the floor. She started to say ouchy daddy ouchy on my back. I thought that maybe she had bent her back a little too much so I turned her over to rub her back. When I lifted her shirt she had a gash on her lower right side of her back about 1\2" wide and about 1" long. I picked her up to bring her into the bathroom, because of the strong lite in there, there wasn't much blood and she wasn't crying but I could see muscle tissue, I looked around to see what she cut her self on and all I could see was my belt (not sharp) buckle or maybe the clip on my new Elishewitz # 3 (auto), also not sharp. Then my right hand fell to my side and I found out what it was, The FRIGGIN knife had opened in my pocket less than an 1\8" was sticking through my blue jeans!!!!!
We took her to the hospital; the doctor put a few stitches in her did some blood work and took X-rays to see if it had punctured her lung. Everything came back OKAY "Thank you Lord" I have not received the final bill yet but I figure it will be around a grand after all is said and done. I was also told I might be getting a Visit from the "child protection agency".
I've been carrying knives (automatics) for a long time and this is the first time anything like this has ever happened this is also the last time.
While waiting to see the doctor I was looking at the knife and trying to figure out how the hell this happened. While looking over the knife, I realized that the release button for the blade is very high and only needs to move a hair before the super pointy blade shoots out. All of my other carry autos have either a recessed button or at least flush one, and also require more pressure to activate.
Please be aware of this possible problem
I don't blame the knife I blame myself
The knife comes what a ballistic cloth sheath for belt carry-but it also comes with a clip for your pocket
This Christmas I gave my little angel a gift she'll have for the rest of her life A SCAR, I'm SORRY BABY

Gregg Lane
Laser sales,
Custom laser work done.

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Your princess will forgive you.
You've taken a bad experience, learned from it yourself and taught others. Now, forgive yourself bud.
Thanks for the warning Gregg.

I've also got a couple of young children who like to wrestle with daddy. If I may, I'd like to reiterate this most important message, and add an extra warning of my own. About a weeek ago I was wrestling on the floor with my kids, and my Spyderco Delica, which I carry loose down inside my front pocket, slid out onto the floor, unbeknownst to me. My two year old daughter noticed it before I did, and when I looked up she was actually opening the knife. Fortunately I got it away from her before she could cut herself or anyone esle. So I'm here to tell you that the danger Gregg has described does not only pertain to automatic knives. All knives that are designend to be opened easily can be opened easily by children.

Now when I wrestle with the kids I'm careful to remove all sharp objects from my pockets, including pens.

Be safe and enjoy the holidays.

David Rock
Gregg, sorry to hear about this most unfortunate accident! I hope your little girl is OK and heals fast. I think we will all learn from this. Take care!
Thanks for sharing your experience with us Greg. You`ve made a very good point about exercising extra caution around little ones. Don`t be too hard on yourself,accidents can happen to anyone. Best wishes for you and your little girl. Marcus
Whew! Glad that things worked out well so far. Hope that CPS doesn't give you a hard time. They can be a bear sometime, used to have girlfriend who ran a state funded children's shelter in College Station, and you wouldn't believe the hastles she ran into.

Give your daughter a hug, and carry a sensible knife.
Merry Christmas!

our hearts and prayers are with you and your little girl...accidents happen with things as mundane as toys and pets so don't blame yourself...it could have just as easily been someone attacking her and you saving her with your knife.
Hi Gregg, Thanks for sharing this story. I sometimes take it for granted that these tools we love so much can injure even though yours was totally an accident and I hope you're not too hard on yourself. I agree with Bill, you didn't mean for this to happen and it could have been worse. Please forgive yourself.

Take it from a guy who has sutured many children, they do better than the parents. She will be fine.

You sound like a great dad.
Take care,

Kodiak Alaska

Gregg, I gotta go with what's said so far. This was an accident, I'm quite sure you're not going to let it happen again and posting might help prevent it for somebody else.

However. Life happens, guy. It *was* an accident. In once sense this is typical in that "knife accidents", when they happen, are very seldom fatal or even very serious. It's not like a gunshot case, by any means. It's not easy to accidently truly screw up a human body with a knife; we need to be cautious, hell yes...but not paranoid.

NOTE: making sure autos don't open unless desired isn't paranoia.

Gregg, try not to beat yourself up, OK?

Life happens. Jesus, I can remember a trip to a rocky coastline looking for mussels when I was 12 that ended with my dad having to watch me survive a natural disaster and there wasn't squat he could do to help. That was the closest I've ever come to dead even though I've been a biker for the last eight years
; if I'd bought the farm that day I can't comprehend what would have gone through his head.

It's life, dude.

Jim March

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I'm sorry to hear about the accident. Last year my two year old son pulled my AFCK 800SL from my briefcase and opened it up. When I took it away from him he cut his finger on the serrations. I was very frightened. Luckily, he didn't have to go to the hospital and the finger healed completely. Needless to say my wife won't let me forgot that, not that I would anyway.

I have also had a knife open up in my pocket and cut through my pant leg. I managed to cut my hand one time. The knife wasn't even an auto but a liner lock manual folder. I have noticed that many liner locks don't have much of a detent to hold the blade in place. I have since taken to carrying my liner lock knife in an "in the pocket knife holster." The knife is held securely against accidental opening plus it is hidden from view. It's easy to reach into the pocket and pull the knife out for use.

Good luck,


Glad your Angel is okay. I am sure that someone was watching over her. Good food for thought. I had my BM open in my pocket once... Now I carry a small Sebenza. Happier Holidays! Fish
i am glad your little girl is o.k..i have two little girls and they want to wrestle with me all the time.i carry an afck and i make it a point to empty my pockets of the blade and of any keys i might have on me.but accidents do happen.my wife for one second had put down a little serrated kitchen knife and my three year old got her hands on it.thank god i had just walked into the room,my daughter was wiping the blade on her arm.try not to be bumed out about it dude,we being fathers,we feel guilty if we do something by accidents to our kids.happy holidays to you and your family.


Thanks for the warning Gregg. It sounds like your daughter will have more than enough love to make up for the scar. God Bless.
Gregg, I'm so sorry to hear about your little girl, but glad to know that she will be fine. As a parent it's always hard to see your children get hurt. Thank God it wasn't worse and learn from it. Let's all be reminded however that sharp objects do not need be knives only! I get crazy when my little ones leave pencils or pens laying around or worse yet run around with them. We all need to learn from Gregg's experience, if nothing else to show us that strange things happen even when all seems safe!
Come to think of it, I think I will stop putting my knives on my desk after I get home and start setting them on top of my safe. My 7 year old is getting way to comfortable with them...and it only takes once. Thanks for sharing Gregg
I'm sorry this happened to you,...I know you'd probably cut off your pinkie if that would take away the accident! Things happen, although not a father...yet, your post offers great adivice. I'm sure you feel real bad. Sounds like your daughter will be just fine, thank the Lord again!. Thank you for the warning, I just recently started carrying my autos and my wife always plops down on my lap. I'll make sure she sits on the nonknife carrying pocket. No need to mention the make of the knife, I think we can all figure it out. Besides it's a poor craftsman who blames his tools, right? Hope your pride and joy are fine, stay healthy and good luck.


AMEN to all the prayers above.

And I won't mention the things I've done in the past five decades that could have gotten somebody hurt, but didn't, through no skill or merit of mine.

Auto knives probably don't mix well with contact sports. I'd write up this incident as a freak accident, but the combination does tempt fate. Ditto with liner locks. If anything jars the blade past the ball-bearing detent, there's no backspring to pull it back in where it belongs. Liner locks with butt-mounted clips especially need watching.

Also, a liner lock that falls off the pocket will probably land in a partly open position. Never throw a closed liner lock to a friend; it's closed when it leaves your hand, but - .

Perhaps the time has come, for both safety reasons and our own individual limits on how expensive a knife we want to trust to a pocket clip, for clever knife and accessory makers to make a better belt pouch and a better pocket holster.


Egads. You have my utmost sympathy. Good thing it will turn out fine in the end.

A while back, I had one of my knives accidentally open by itself, slit through my pants, and prick my fingers when it came close. Ever since then, my pocket carry has always been in such a way that the spine is always pressed against the wall of the pocket. That limits the carry option slightly, but makes it much safer.

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I have a three year old son and a week old baby boy. I can't imagine how I would feel if I was the cause of harm to one of my children. Fortunately, I haven't had anything happen.

My three year old son has been around knives since the day he was born. He sees me sharpening and using them all the time. As he has grown up I have drilled into his three year old brain that knives are dangerous and sharp. He knows that he can hurt himself if he touches the pointy end. He is at the point where he ALWAYS asks to see a knife. He never attempts to open one himself. I'm lucky I have been able to teach my son caution around knives. As all parents know, kids are naturally very curious. It is for this reason I have not shown him my revolver. I'm not ready for that, yet. He likes his toy guns too much for me to introduce a real one. I did manage to teach him that if he ever saw a gun he shouldn't pick it up, but come and get mommy or daddy. Now he repeats it to us as if it's a mantra. What I'm getting at here is that if we teach our children and not try to hide things from them (the gun will come in due time) they will be more responsible and safer. That's why there are gun safety courses. Teach them to be responsible and they will. Accidents do happen and that is why caution is required.

My heart goes out to you, Gregg. But I also rejoice for the fact that your precious one is ok. Parenting is a wonderful and sometimes bizarre experience. You sound like a good father. Sounds like a lot of good, responsible parents on this forum.

Greg- Sorry to hear of your accident and thankful it turned out ok. Thanks for sharing this important topic so we all can remember to be cautious especialy around children, this could have happened to any of us. I have had non automatic-non linerlock folders partialy open on me before inside my pocket. I have also lost my folders on the floor and on the couch while naping and wrestleing. This thread will help me to remember to remove items from my pocket before doing those things in the future. Does anyone know of a folder that locks in both the open and closed position?
Thanks to all of you that replyed here and via E-mail
My Angel's cut is doing fine we'll take out the stiches tomarrow or thursday(hey doc can i do this myself-only kidding )
she's running a fever today of 103(she has a cold) and you would think she's in training for the oylimpic(spelling) games running around THAT"S MY GIRL
I know i have learned from this and am glad that others feel that by posting it,it has been a benefit to you all .

By the way GT used to make a knife that locked both open and closed

Happy new year to all
and thank you for your support

Gregg Lane
Laser sales,
Custom laser work done.

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