*If you could Only have (1) PM2/3, which one & why?

Mar 17, 2018
I realize there’s no way to have just one Paramilitary 2 (or Para 3),
...but if you must,

  1. Which Model would it be?
  2. And Why?
That's a nightmare only having one :mad:
but if it would be:
Para3 BentoBoxShop M390 smurfblue

Why: nice blue, steel from my country :)
This one, because the M390 (and it's cousins) is one of my favorite steels, and the red color is a nice change from my usual black, gray, silver, etc.
This one:


PM2 in CPM Cru-Wear, my favorite steel out of Spyderco. Plenty of wear resistance, and the toughest steel in current Spydie folders. And enough corrosion resistance to boot.
Then again, if I could have only one of either PM2 or Manix2, I would pick the Manix2. Also in CW. :)
I’m not sure. I have a original Military and want to down size for EDC. I’m On the fence. Is the 2 small enough? Or the 3 too small? These are the questions i keep asking myself.
Maybe this thread will help me decide? :)
I only have 1 as is, the purple S110V version, and I'm extremely unlikely to get any others, so I guess that's the answer. As for why? Cause I decided I wanted to try a PM2 and see what the hype was about, and S110V is a good steel. And after getting it, I decided it was a good knife, but the hype wasn't worthy of the price(and it's jumped up $20 more since I got mine) so that will be the both the first and last PM2 I get barring something extremely unlikely like winning the lotto.
Rex 45 P3. The PM2 is "big" for how pointy and thin the blade is. The P3 is the right size for the intended use of that sharpass tip and thin blade stock. Rex45 because that patina and that SHARPNESS. I have other knives the same size as a PM2 that are better suited for tasks a knife that size would see (read: I got tired of sharpening the broken tip off of my S110V PM2).

PM2 because it’s the right size for me, I feel like the Para3 is a little too smal. As for steel, I had a BBS PM2 and sold it. S30V would probably be ok but I want something tougher. So my next will likely be M4 or maybe Cruwear.
Bento Box PM2 in M390 with deep carry clip. I think M390 is a great balance of things I value in a steel for a folder.