If you could tell a manufacturer something....

Oct 2, 1998
If you could tell a manufacturer something directly what would you say?

What I mean is, do you feel certain manufacturers just don't understand what the public wants?

So if you could tell a manufacturer what is on you mind about their products, who would it be and what would you say?

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Do it! Do it right! Do it right NOW!

I would tell Spyderco to make some knives with a decent finger groove. The Wegner and Goddard models come close, but I'd love something on the line of the Commander or Crawford KFF.

Since Spyderco doesn't openly advocate the use of their knives for self-defense, maybe they're not that concerned in making them good thrusters.

I really like my Benchmade AFCKs, but I would also tell Benchmade the same thing.


If I could tell any manifactuer one thing I would tell them that they should put more time into customer service. Many company's do not take care of thier customers once they have purchased thier products. Its a shame.


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To Benchmade , please offer all of your
knives with M2 as an option and make them
available to your whole dealer network instead of trickling out a few to hole in
the wall storefronts that most of us will
never see.
To Spyderco , please add another liner to the
Military.I know the new Mil. is plenty strong
as it stands but that would take the lone
gripe from a near perfect knife.
There , I said it and I feel much better.
I would like to say ,please make more models for lefties!!!!!!! I am sick of not being able to buy a lot of good knives because they are right hand only.

to ALL manufacturers, take Spyderco's (CPM440V) and Buck's (BG-42) lead on using the new high tech steels. Even if its just a few models, there are a lot of us out here who won't buy an ATS knife to use no matter how well designed and executed. Knowing that there are better steels out there makes it tough. Get out of the ATS rut. Even more so, makers like Case, Remington, etc etc need to update their steels in a BAD way. Case for one sells well because there are so many collectors of them. I don't know many knife guys who still USE a Case these days though. Not at least guys who have been keeping up with trends and realize how pitiful that steel is compared to the hot rod steels. One of these days its gonna bite 'em I think. Can you imagine a Case Muskrat or a Trapper with 420V? Man I'd pay the extra money for the steel NO PROB. As for the re-tooling, thats the price the manufacturer has to eat to stay with the market. Oh well, it will come with time I guess, but I'm impatient...jeff
To everyone using the endorsement referring to "SEAL's". Namely, "the official SEAL knife", "used by Navy SEAL's", etc...That and the "knives made for a certain group at Ft Bragg". Is all this really necessary?
To ALL the makers/factories:

You are knifemakers. This is an honored thing, but there are sheeple and sheeple politicritters that aren't going to like you for it.

Get over it.

Cold Steel, Mad Dog, Black Cloud and REKAT are some that understand this, and make "politically incorrect knives" suitable for combat. Others such as Spyderco, BM, Kershaw and others "tread these waters lightly" if at all; Spyderco is too embarassed about the Civvie to put it on their web site.


Jim March
If you : make a quality knife
back it up with cutomer service
put a fair price on it,
people will buy them by the car loads. And will wait for you to make more.

waiting for EDI to make my knife.
I know quality takes time Will, but i'm going nuts here.


1)What Tobii said...I have been wanting to mention that for some time

2)Quit bead blasting the heck out of your dern blades!!!!!!!(Earth to CRKT, Do you Read?)....

3)(I am surprised Mr. March didn't mention it)....MEGAFOLDERS!!!!!!....Gimmee a 6" Tanto with a strong lock, titanium liners/g10 slabs, and a pocket clip... and a clip point, drop point, a couple of sheeps foots for the boat........(drool)

4)Make better locks. The liner lock is a dead end in the evolution of the folding knife, I can only hope that newer,stronger, less finicky designs will catch on (I.E. rolling lock, Axis lock, mono-lock etc.)

Enough venting...YeK


"No, it's a Vaquero Grande in my pocket, but I am happy to see you!"

To all manufacturers; you must realize that we are willing to pay a little extra for the improvements we want. Use 440V or 420V, use the rolling lock or axis lock or a thick leaf liner lock. Use G-10, Micarta or Carbon Fiber. Most of us are willing to pay the extra to get these things in a production knife.
To most knife manufacturers I would like to say: Blade Geometry Stupid!!!
If the gind there knives properly, thin enough, I wouldn't have to do it for them.
Many a knife manufacturers could learn a lot from the Spyderco Calypso BM plain edege and from the humble, inexpensive, Opinel.

Jan Dirk
Cold Steel: better stainless steel,folders in coated Carbon V,Vaqueros with NO SERRATIONS as an option,metal pocket clips. Others:More flat grinds,stronger locks,BIGGER FOLDERS! For me 5"blade is just right. Marcus
I second the need for more left handed knives! I'm not even left handed!

Can you belive I have to buy my wife a MT?


Mouse Assassins inc.

To Spyderco:
The time has come to start using either adjustable pivots or bushings. Please pick one and run with it!


To Master Knives: Stop doing cheep knockoffs.
And I dont mean raise the price of your knockoffs.


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