If you have been waiting too long for your khukuri read this.

Mar 5, 1999
I have posted this before but I think it is time to post it again.

We have two wait lists: 1)prepaid orders, and 2)COD orders.

The prepaid orders get priority because I do not like to hold a person's money. I want to get that knife delivered as soon as I can so we are square. This is a personal thing with me.

The COD orders are shipped after priority orders because I do not have the person's money and do not feel as obligated to get things "square." My philosophy could be wrong but this is just how it works with me. I like to keep things even and balanced.

Now, what happens is (and this is especially true in the case of the katanas) I have a wait list for people on COD basis. Then three or four guys hop in and prepay and those on COD are knocked back down three or four notches on the delivery list.

So, if you feel you have been waiting too long it is not because we have forgotten you or are slighting you, it's because you got bumped down the list by the prepaid orders. And, remember, I crashed by order file awhile back and still have not recovered completely so that could be a reason, too.

A good idea is to check on your order from time to time just in case it went with the crash of my order file.

Blessings from the computer shack in Reno.

Uncle Bill
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Uncle Bill.
Can you taake credit card orders dirrectly?
I can not get through the Paypal thing on my computer. I know some places will take a credit card number, then charge the card when the item is shipped. Can you do this?
I ask because I am on your list for a Khuk and can afford to pay when it arrives but not right now. If that makes any sense. I thought that if you do take card #s dirrectly I could give you mine and be charged on arrival to you? Just checking to get myself ready ahead of the game if possible. Thanks for your pactience with my questions. Some of this is new to me and I want to avail myself of the best ways to do things. Thanks again.