Ignore This

Here we go...:rolleyes:

Often, these types of threads go on longer and become more interesting than anything else going on, so I'm signing up early :D
I'ts just human nature to go where people don't want them, but in this case, I said "Ignore This" to avoid boring you...O well, have fun.

P.S. I mistakingly posted a thread rather than a reply, and didn't have permission to delete, only edit.
How can I ignore "this" until I know what "this" is? Now it's too late!
What is it that we are ignoring?? I have to know, I have to know, I HAVE TO KNOW :D :D :D .
Why is it I ALWAYS have to open a thread that says something to effect of "ignore this"?
It's just some weird, overpowering urge that cannot be denied and has to be satisfied. But, is it ever satisfied? NOOOOoooooo! I come in expecting some-thing, not knowing what, just something interesting, but it's usually just "ignore this".:rolleyes:
I feel like a Pavlovian dog. Drool...