I'll MISS you Mel!

Apr 19, 1999
Hi all. It's a sad day for me as i found out about Mel's death this morning. It was a shock to me, I can't believe he's gone....
The ironic part about this tragic news is i started carrying his knife just two days ago without any reasons....guess i know why now.
Even though i do not know him as well as some of you do but he was the first maker who welcome me to his creations. Not only was he the maker of my Wharncliffe but also a good friend. I've choosen the knife to pass on to my next generation.....a Madpoet. My prayers for him and with him till heaven's gate.

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I feel as if I've been kicked in the gut... I admit to tears in my eye reading the news of Mel. In my dealings with Mel I was struck by his consideration which seemed beyond the call of duty. His was born of a love of the outdoors and the uses/need of good tools in field and stream. Mel readily shared his enthusiasm and knowledge.

I just got back from Maine where I had the privelege of using my custom Madpoet utility set that Mel worked with me on. I wanted to email Mel about them. But, here goes anyway... Mel, the knives are great! I am leaving the big one at camp because I need a good knife to be there always. I am keeping the small one with me because it's so handy and fits me like a glove. Thanks for these treasures...

I will always think of Mel when I use these knives, looking out to the mountains and rivers...

Madpoet... Love the name. You ride the gentle breezes in peace.