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I'm Baaaaaaack....sorta....

Nov 4, 1998

Well I drove the Alaska Highgway and survived, and I made it to MO in one peice. Did it in nine days, even with the extra two days in Washington. Not bad or my first trip out of alaska since '92. Anyways, I am here just a few miles south of Springfield, MO, and I kinda like it here, but it is pretty darn hot. Never felt humidity like this before, and it has been hitting the mid to high 90's....but I am doing better than I thought. My only real bitch about this place is the bugs. I had never seen a tick before, now I see plenty, and they suck. But I guess they are not so bad as the swarms of skeetos that I am used to.

I am going to be at the blade show this weekend, and I am still planning on going to the St. Charles show as well. This should be fun. I am looking forward to meeting up with you guys...

ANd now for th obligatory knife content....arethere any knife stores in Springfield?


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Welcome Back, Yekim!

I don't know about knife stores, but you owe it to yourself to go to Bass Pro Shops while you're in Springfield. This sporting goods store is Missouri's #1 tourist attraction. And yes, the do have some knives.

Enjoy your trip!

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You think you have humidity in MO? In Kodiak yesterday, it was nearly 95% humidity with temperature around 55....it was torture

Have a good time at the show!

Oh, BTW, I don't miss those ticks, either!


At least you can take revenge on a tick with your blade, its those "cantseeum" chiggers that I remember so fondly in spots most tender.

Also if you are by some water, reach up and shake a limb of a large tree. The biggest, blackest, winged, critter/bugs I've ever seen came down when I tried it many years ago. (Might have been prototypes of a new Spyderco model)

I like our earthquakes better.

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Man, You guys are so lucky. Bass Pro Shop in Missouri, Bald1 goes to Spyderco in Colorado, I'm stuck here in NJ with one half way decent gun/fishing/halfA$$ knife source.
And it's 12:00 PM and already 93 out side with heavy humidity.
Count your blessings.

Oh and ticks? The other morning I wake up with a tick on my stomach that my dog left in the bed for me.

"Every Dog Has His Day"

I have been to the Bass Pro Shop...pretty nifty place, in fact my buddy did buy a Stryker there as well, pretty good prices, I was expecting worse.

Not having seen reptiles in the wild before, I have seen all sorts of odd creatures, baby Copperheads in the yard, Skinks, and even a king snake that made it's way into my friends toolbox...he jumped and screamed like a girl when he saw it. It apparently ate the nest of mice that were in there...

oh well...looks like I ave a few weeks of reading to catch up on...ugh....

Now Yek, do`nt complain. I gave you fair warning about the bug situation. Ticks are a serious concern so pour on the bug dope my friend! See you in St. Charles.

never a dull moment
Carver.....you did tell me about the ticks....but you did not tell me about the rest of the insects you got around here....my lord I have never seen anything like it before...Bugs of varieties and configurations and numbers that are nearly incomprehendable. I saw a spider that would have almost covered my palm (it made noise when it walked too...weird....never seen a bug stomp before.

I do like the people down here, and there isn't the feeling of oipression that you get when you have been in AK for a while.

And the prices down here are great..I am used to spending 5 bucks fer a pound of bacon, here I can get three for that much...

To bad the fish here are all so tiny....


It is not a matter of whether or not you are paranoid, it is a matter of whether or not you are paranoid enough.
Enjoy your stay here man. I love southern MO. A great place to "get away." Southern Missourians really know how to party too...

Have fun.

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Welcome to MO. There's a Case knife store in Lebanon, MO. I don't know the number but it shouldn't be too hard to find. Lebanon's not a big place.
You've also got:
Gray ghost Archery (417)864-3519 They sometimes have custom knives.
Iron Triad Inc. (417)823-9411 Sometimes have knives custom and production.
Nixa Country Gun & Pawn (417)725-4024
Probably the most knives of all listed will be at Ozark Cutlery (417)782-4998
There's also an engraver/scrimshander in Springfield, Jim Downing (417)865-5953 if you can catch him in. He'll probably be at the St. Charles show, though, so you could see him and his work there.
If all you're catching are small fish in southern MO you're not doing it right. You're in the heart of some of the best fishing in the country.
Has anyone mentioned there are also scorpions and terantulas in southern MO? We used to catch them while in the Boy Scouts. Keep your sleeping bag rolled up during the day and check your shoes in the morning before you put them on if you do any camping.

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C`mon Bill, I purposely left out the stuff about the scorpions and tarantulas! What are you trying to do anyway? Scare him back to Alaska??

never a dull moment
Mike, I know that this has been a mostly humorous thread, but, please, do be careful of ticks. They carry two very nasty diseases: Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever and Lyme Disease. Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever can kill you if untreated, but responds well to treatment. Lyme Disease may not be fatal, but it can make you wish that it was. And it does not respond to any treatment that I know of. If anyone knows differently, please post, as I am interested.

Walk in the Light,

Welcome to MO. Its nice down around Springfield, I went to college at smsu.

As to the case store up in Lebanon the bill boards should give ok directions

See you made it safe and sound since I last talked to you.
Enjoy going to the knife shows while you got your chance, and DON'T FORGET to buy me a real nice knife at the Blade Show(any Microtech will do). You know you are supposed to take care of your elders!! he he.
Glad you are having a good time, and give me an e-mail and let me know what is going on, WHEN you have time.

Larry (LarryLuana)
YeK - Glad you made it ok. Hope you enjoy the "lower 48". See you in Atlanta.