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I'm Back

Hi All,
Don't know if anyone will remember me since I've been away for 7 months now. Job carried me to a land without the net. Scary isn't it? Just thought I'd say hi and I'll be around for the next month until I have to go back to finish out a most unpleasant year.

Dec 4, 2000
Hi ya and welcome back!

AKA Mark W. Douglas
Welcome back Tim, I hope the rest of your year isn't to hard on you. After it is over do you have to go somewhere else? If you do I sure hope they have the internet.
Welcome back. I'm sorry if this makes you feel unwelcome here, but this is a community issue, not a knife related thread, so I'm moving it to the community forum.

I'm glad you're back on the web. Seven months without internet would leave me start raving mad, or completely sane. I'm not really sure which


Actually, I am NOT moving this thread. Spark need to fix whatever is broken with that administrative 'option'

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Paracelsus- Foiled again, ha haa haa ahahhh!!!!

Welcome back Tim. No net. THAT is scary!!

Jim McCullough