I'm Back

Good! Start chiming in! I am getting bored around here waiting for someone to post something new...

Michael J. Spangler said:
hey guys i'm back. :cool:

hey Mike missed you at the Show.
and good to see you back..
you get a resurrected putter? :)
I've been holding that knife for you that you wanted ,,
do you still want it? :confused:
SO!!! :p :p GrassHoppa, don't pi$$ off your Old-man again, that way he won't put a boot to the 'puter. :eek: :eek:
thanks gentlemen..... and thanks to the rest of you too ;)
dan drop me an e-mail so we can discuss it i'm definately interessted. sorry i couldn't make it to the show i had to work the morning. but i sure as hell need to get myself something for x-mas right?