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I'm going to Boston


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Feb 25, 1999
On Monday. Any stores I should check out? (I don't get into the eastern part of the state very often)
You should either go to chesapake knife and tool company in fannual hall in boston, or if you have the chance to go to rhode island, go to cove cutlery, they have a nice selection of customs, everything from autos to fixed blades. They have a website at www.covecutlery.com
Have a safe trip

A Knife is no more than an Iron Tooth

I grew up and live here and Boston is not a knifeKnuts Paradise. As Striper said Chesapeke but the prices are through the roof(Fanueal Hall is Bostons big tourist trap).Stoddard's on Temple St in downtown is the oldest cutlery store in the country.Real neat stuff mostly kitchen and fly fishing. The knives they do have are pretty standard but a nice selection although not huge by any mean. The owner has a special Randall made for his inventory alone called the Sargeant I believe that is also there if in stock.They have another store about a mile away in Copley Place there you will find many more customs but again prices are higher then anything on the web.South Boston and Cambridge have a few well known makers one that comes to mind is J.D.Smith. If you are only here for a few days then I think the ones mentioned should keep you from knife withdrawals.
Hope this is of some help.