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I'm going to visit LA area, what knife related could be seen

Jan 28, 2000
My boss plans to send me to business trip to Long Beech for two weeks. Despite on my great busyness there it is possible (at least I hope) that I will have some spear time. I would like you to advise me what knife related could be seen there and what REAL knife shops could be visited.

To be honest with you there really aren't too many places within the confines of Los Angeles County to interest the visiting knife nut. I might recommend contacting the folks at Mission Knife & Tool located in So. Orange County (about a 45 minute drive), or possibly even giving the Strider boys a shout who are located down near Oceanside (about a 75 minute drive). The Strider shop is largely staffed by former active duty Marines, but in the spirit of glasnost I bet they'd let you in.

Semper Fi

Milke -- If you have the time on the weekend, when you are out in the L.A. area, I would not miss Nordic knives in Solvang Ca. It is one of the best knife shops that I have ever seen. Solvang is in the mountains north of Santa Barbara. The place is Awesome.
Martin B. Retting gun store in Culver City. Great display`of`custom knives. Ask for Alex.
I found two knife stores but can't remember their names or exact locations but here goes. One is right downtown east of Figaroa (spl) on 3rd st? The other is in Hollywood either on or just off of Rodeo (spl) Dr. Both are real old time knife stores as I remember with all sorts of knives and knife "stuff" try the LA phone book and if you can find them your in for a treat. Good Luck Weldonk
Check out Costa Mesa Knife shop, south of LA a little bit but worth the trip, very nice selection there as well as customs....

Thousand Oaks Mall had a nice knife shop as well, but not sure if they are still open, it's been a while since I've been there.

Have fun!!

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wkeating the place in l.a. is called Ross Cutlery they are on broadway i beleive west of third street.