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im gonna catch hell for this....... ginsu?

Jul 14, 2000
how are they?do they really not need sharpening? i feel so stupid.i know what the answer is gonna be.
while your at it,could you critisize me too please?

I'm not even going to comment, Mo.....you know what I'm thinking.......
They have thin serrated blades. These will keep tearing through material long after they are dull. The alloy is not very tough, so they will dull fairly quickly. For many unsophisticated people they will still be useable (sharp). There are less expensive equivalents.

If you can sharpen knives and want something thin and cheap, go to the Bayou Laforche Knifeworks website and look at the Rada knives. These cost too much if you buy them from some school fundraiser, but are a good deal on the net. They are made from basic 420 alloy with cast aluminum handles. They work ok.

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Ginsu knives are absolutely amazing! They are Always sharper than their owners...

They slice, they dice, and they will perform miracles in your kitchen!


I get some pleasure from finding a relentlessly peaceful use for a combative looking knife.
Maurice, what the hell were you thinking? Just put your Ginsu under a small pyramid every night and it will stay sharp forever, really.
Perhaps I can be some help here. These knives owe their lineage to a displaced Shogun and his seven sons. Coming to this country during the railroad expansion, and not having the physical stamina for physical labor, the new immigrants started sharpening knives. Being of poor quality steels, these 'trade knives' as they were called, were always going dull. Their business grew. However, Papa-san started applying forging techniques learned in the shadow of Mt. Fugi, he advertised these new knives as 'never going dull.' It was then that this family got their first taste of the true American samuri, the attorney. The barrister explained the havok he was about to visit on the family, and one of the boys brandished a family cleaver asked if he was serious and was really 'going to sue.' With his broken English, he said "G'in su?" The shyster was impressed by the edge, and the rest is history.--OKG
And about the time you come up for appointment as a real bastid, look what you do.
You blew it again.
Mo, Mo, Mo. Don't believe everything you read!! Lol. How many times do you sharpen a wood saw? Not many! Good steel? not always! The serrations tear thru stuff, which is why they never seem to go dull, but you will notice a difference between and new, used and very used Ginsu, no matter what they say! Hmmm..maybe its the perfect knife for you!
Morris, Morris, Morris......

Love and Kisses,


Scraped, burnt, sliced, smashed. AHHHH, knifemaking!!!!
No offense man..........but what the @%&$ were you thinking ???


"fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate, hate leads to suffering"
Well eventhough this question is way beneath me I'll give you a real answer anyway so you can laugh at yourself this morning when you wake up from the drunken stupor that made you post this. Ginsu sucks...Yes they really need sharpening, if you want them to stay sharp. They say never needs sharpening because the serrations will still cut (or tear) after the knife is dull. Same is true for all serrations. But what makes this worse is the damned things are hard to sharpen. My mother in law has a set (I still laugh at her about it) and one day I offered to sharpen them for her. It took all day. I must get ready for work now so I'llleave you with this 1-800-BUZE-FRE.

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MO! Make sure you check the bottoms of your shoes before you go into the house. You done stepped in it again.

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