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I'M HAPPY NOW.......

Nov 7, 2000
Now this Sergeant is equipped with the best and most beautiful knife in the world.Bura made it and I am totally aroused by this powerful,beautyful companion.Thanks Bura and thanks Bill for providing me with this knife.
I'm happy for you, SgtD. What khuk did you get? And, you know, of course, that this means that you're well on your way of contracting full-blown HIKV!
Well I'm now the happy owner of a 15" BAS.This baby feels incredible powerful.I think to that I can't own just one, but transport cost and swedish import tax is a good brake-medicine for HIKV.The total cost for me is about 1.5 times HI-prices.

boys newer grow up,it's only their toys getting more expensive....
I am looking at my new Bura made BAS that came in the mail a couple hours ago. I'll bet yours was from the same batch. He really outdid himself on these! Very nice......

I think I'd pay 1.5 times as much for this kind of quality....sssssshhhhhh don't tell!


p.s. I am a Swede who's family has been over here for 2 generations.
Well then fellow Viking decendant, have you got any parts of the swedish language left?
I wonder,if the 15" Ang Khole is "beefy" how does that comare to the BAS?I certainly think this baby is "beefy".
I have no remnants of Swedish, but my dad can cuss up a storm in it occasionally.

The AK will be beefier.

For some real beef, try a 20" AK. Real chopping power!
yeha,swedish bad-language is more "impressive" than english-american but add some finnish accent to and it gets astonishing......
Sarge, Glad to see you finally got your khukuri.!!! Like everyone else has said it probably won't be your only one.

And with Full Blown HIKV you will start searching for that very elusive "Perfect Khukuri" which you will never find. Several of us can speak from experience although "poor Jim" is still in "De-Nile" and claims he is too strong to get HIKV but we know better. (I am afraid Harry is starting to believe Jim has a "cure" and is soon going to be in bad shape as well.

About the worse thing you can call someone in all the Am.NDN langages I have heard bits of are either a dog or a louse, But those Were Fightin' Words!!!


Each person's work is always a portrait of himself.

---- Samuel Butler.

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