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I'm ignorant. What does "BTTT" mean?

Welcome to the forums, FX. Officially, BTTT means back to the top, but folks have been known to get real creative with this stuff!
BTTT means "back to the top" or "Bump To The Top". This is a bad habbit arround here, everibody uses all kind af acronymes. You find almost all of them at http://www.acronymfinder.com . Hope it helps and welcome to the forums!
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BTTT, or any fresh post, will cause the thread to appear on the daily posts, which is what I usually look at when I visit, or show up as a recently active thread on the list of active forums for anyone searching the forums that way. In case that wasn't obvious.
Hi there FXDWG98, as you have all ready found out "BTTT" means back to the top.
BTW(by the way) I have a FLHT96.

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Thanks fxdwg, I thought I was the only one who didn't know and felt too stupid to ask!

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The more you are around this crowd the smarter you become concerning acronyms and abbreviations. There are several threads just like yours and someone even mentioned writing a little dictionary for all the new people which I think would be really great.

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I just love these threads! Thanks Hillbillenigma. Now GTFO out of my forum before I have to KYA again or STFU

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This is really funny stuff. I am regular on the gunbroker forums and new to the bladeforums. The gunbroker forums don't use too many acronyms....I learned a lot from this thread!

<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by Easyrider:
Hi there FXDWG98, as you have all ready found out "BTTT" means back to the top.
BTW(by the way) I have a FLHT96.


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