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I'm Impressed

Dec 13, 1999
Hello guys. I have to tell you this, I picked up a Spyderco Native plain edge in 440V the other day and I'm impressed as hell. For a rather inexpensive knife this is really something, its small enough to carry anywhere and the blade shape and the 440V make it a great little knife. The reversible pocket clip is great for lefties too. If you haven't had one on your hands check it out, you will be surprised.


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I have handled and own several Spyderco knives, all plain-edged: Dragonfly, Navigator, Calypso Jr. Lightweight, Native, and Starmate. My Dragonfly is my little tactical/utility knife, my Navigator is all-utility, so is Calypso Jr., and Starmate once again is como tactical/utility. The Native, however, is my definite favorite over ALL of these, even my Starmate!

Why? Simple. Native has a comfortable Zytel handle which has a web-pattern that eliminates slippery conditions. It has an easy to remove clip which is fully reversible for left or right hand carry. It has a CPM-440V blade, which is top quality, for an unbelievably low price. The blade shape is hollow-ground and has a beautiful spear-point shape, which gives it a solid tactical feel, and is great for cutting or thrusting. It can be gripped comfortably in two ways at least: choke on the handle and there appears a natural steel finger groove just below the blade, or use the lower handle groove to grip long. It is discreet enough to carry in most jurisdictions without worrying about LEO's busting you, with a 3" blade. It can handle almost any cutting task you throw at it, and weight is also ideal for comfortable carry. It can be drawn lightning fast from pocket with its tip-up carry. It fits and draws great from a River City Mike Sastre neck sheath.

And if you're really crazy about this knife, as I am, try finding and purchasing a BF Native. These rock! Blue G-10 handle, a little more hefty but nice, lettering on the blade with the Bladeforums logo. I'm still hard-pressed to use mine!

Form a crazy Spyderco Native fan,

I remain, (sorry VG)

I've always thought the native was a cool little knife. What grabbed my attention about it in the first place was the handle, I love how the handle feels, very comfortable. Add to that an inexpensive price tag and a great steel, well, that's why I bought it.

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