I'm in UPS hell!!!

Oct 12, 1998
Here is the latest tracking for a package that contains my BM720S. I could have driven
1.5 hrs and gotten the knife myself. Sure has moved a lot in the 48 hours.

Date Time Location Activity



It's good to know that I'm not the only one on the UPS Tracking site cursing at the monitor!! I've gone into mini-psychotic tantrums, spitting on the screen, etc. when the package refuses to move, yet they keep on scanning the damn thing! Aurghhhhhhhh!!!!Dont make me come down there! I'll show you postal!!!!! Oh, OK, I need to lie down again. "I don't have to have it today. I have plenty of knives." Yes, doctor.
Thanks for the good laugh. I feel better now.
I think I would be better off if I never got the tracking # to begin with.
You should have bought from me, I ship USPS
! Really, I feel your pain, been there, lost that.

Here's a package that came to me in Oregon from Georgia. It only took UPS's 2nd Day Air service two weeks to deliver it. During that time, their super tracking system showed it as "in transit". Then, when I called and asked for a refund on the costs, I was told that they would not give me one since the package had been sent by one of their contract retailers (Mail Solutions). Well, I insisted on speaking to a supervisor and they also told me no refund. I firmly insisted on speaking to the supervisor's supervisor and, after much insisting, was finally put through. This person did agree to look into it and try to get Mail Solutions to give me a refund. I haven't seen any money yet and don't expect to.


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Seriously folks, don't use UPS. They're massivly gay. They toss your packages around, don't care if it breaks, and the delivery guys piss on logs (at least one guy does). I go thru Us postal or go to the store and get it myself. If UPS is the ONLY way - screw the item. Seriously. If someone was selling sebenza's for $200, and UPS was the only way to get it, I'd say screw it. They're that bad, and I'm that against them...
Lets watch the personal attacks. He is allowed his opinion.

Mine is to never use the USPS. I have been informed that a package I sent to the Phillipines that never arrived will not be covered as a loss since the PI postal service claims it was delivered, yet can show no signed receipt. The USPS claims they don't need to. I am still trying to sort it out.

And, BTW, it was a Sebenza that was lost.

San Francisco, CA

Being massively gay, and massively well-armed, I say he started it.
I still prefer UPS over USPS.

You can't track packages with USPS. They do have a 35 cents option called "delivery confirmation" but they will tell you that will only confirm if the package was delivered.

If something is lost through USPS, you can expect to wait a LONG time to get a refund, if you insured it.

USPS's base price for Priority mail ($3.20 for the first two pounds) is a great deal. But, all the add ons - such as insurance, delivery confirmation, return recipt - can really, really add to the price.

What you will find if you read through similar posts is that each person's experience is different. Some people have good luck with UPS and not USPS, some people have the opposite.

FedEx's 3rd day service is somewhat reasonable in price. I trust them fully.
I have had too many nightmares using UPS. Just recently they twook 20 days to deliver a package and it wwas damaged as well. I could have driven there and back in less time then they took. I have had all kinds of "routing" problems.
I called Airborne Express, set up an account over the phone and they pick up the same day I call. Everything arrives (if not before) at least when it's due. The only time I had a delay in a package arriving - it was heading for Miami during Floyd - and I understood that delay. Their rates are reasonable.
But...everyone can tell a story about some shipper. I just know I won't be using UPS anymore. They've cost me too much money.

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Any shipper is going to mess up occationally, true. But UPS has caused me more headaches over the years than ten times all others combined. And their "service" people are downright rude.

It is the absolute height of arrogance have a customer call and say, "you took two weeks to deliver a package that was supposed to be there in two days, you mangled the package, had to call me twice for directions to my house which has been on every map of the city in the last twenty years, made me come to your depot in another city only to be told that the package was on some truck somewhere, and then didn't deliver it for two more days," and then say anything except, "Yes Sir. Right away sir. Where would you like us to overnight-deliver that refund check to sir?"

The attitude of these people is "We don't care. We don't have to care. We're the phone company... ah, errr, I mean We're UPS!"

And this last package was just the latest.

There are lots of options. FedEx is a few more bucks, but they're great. I was expecting a very important FedEx a few months ago. The FexEx man normally comes around ten. So, I decided to humor the spaniel by taking her on her usual 8:30 walk. We finished up around 9:00 and I found a note on the door from FedEx saying "sorry we missed you. We'll try again tomorrow." I really needed that package. So, I called the 800 number and asked where I could pick it up. The reponse was, "One moment please. <music on hold> I've just spoken to your driver. He'll be back at your house in about twenty minutes." He was.

For my money, anything but UPS.

Balisongs -- because it don't mean a thing if it ain't got that swing!

I work for the Royal Mail in the UK and I have to say that people would be fired for some of the things I read about here!
The advice we give to customers is to send valuable items by insured mail. If a company does not offer you this service then take your business elsewhere. Expensive goods are worth first class carriage surely?
Hey Gollnick, the contract retailer did their part and got it in UPS's hands. After that it was all UPS. Keep at them. I deal with them daily and have an excellent driver but:
A customer called and said he only recieved 2 out of 3 packages. I called UPS and they didn't know where it was and would put a tracer on it. This would take 7 to 10 daze but my customer needed the material so I was going to ship him more. He called and said sorry, but he did get it but it got lost in recieving. I wonder what the trace will come up with? By the way the package only had to go 40 miles.

UPS routinely calls asking for HAZMAT forms that they lost. They used to ask me to send them copies until I started ignoring them. Now they just ask for the info over the phone.

At home I have gotten a neighbors package twice and them one of mine once over the last 2 months. This really ticks me off. I do not want the neighbors to accidently open the package and find an autonife. One of the neighbors packages was so mangled that the contents were spilling out. I only knew the package was there from the loud thump outside my front door.

The driver does not ring the doorbell when delivering, just dumps and runs.

Hey, I heard UPS and Fedex are merging! The company will then be called "FedUPS".

Hey, I don't like UPS. Too bad if you don't like it Ewok. They can often mistreat products and I know that for a fact. You want to use em, go for it. Be funny if they lose your package...
I couldn't care less about UPS. I was objecting to your juvenile language. You're not in the mall, nor on the playground.