Im Leaving!

Just thought Id let all of you know thatI wont be back on the forum for a week or so. Next week is Spring Break(Thank God!) for MSU and Ill be kicking back at Reelfoot Lake for some bass and crappie fishing! Just wanted to let you know so any of you wouldn't think I was ignoring you or something. I'm gonna miss this place, even if it's just for a week
Jan 22, 1999
Bass fishing in March--damn!! Another reason to leave NY. Even if the lakes weren't frozen, I'd still have about 3 months before the season opens.

Anyone going fishing gets my good wishes.
Catch some big ones - wish I was going with you.

The sweetest lil nothings that can be whispered to me.

Good luck
Geeze, you better be down south to go bass/crappie fishing now, in which case I envy you...

Of course, up north, and in some states you can fish year round, not that you have must chance of catching anything... Find a damn with tailwater, you may have a shot. One year, I had the bug so bad I went and fished in February in a tailwater. Have pictures of me in the stream with snow covered banks. Quite a shot. Too bad, I only caught a cold and nothing else...

Just think.. another month and a half, the trout will be taking nymphs and wet flys.

Enjoy the time off and enjoy the fishing.
I too will be taking some time off next week but for an entirely different reason.
Keep on cuttin'
Where i'm from orig. MSU stands for Montana
State Univ in Bozeman Mt.Couldn't figure where to go crappie fishing in March in Mont.
Hey have a good break