Im new here, How old is my Schrade?

Jan 5, 2022
Hey everyone! Im super excited to be here and to hear what you all think.

My mother passed away in July, and I was left a knife among other things. I have read lots on this forum and cant seem to find anything identical to mine, which would answer my questions!

The knife says SCHRADE+ U.S.A 153UH (on the tang?) with Uncle Henry in cursive on the (finger guard)? I dont see a serial number on the opposite side (meaning it was made after 1980, I think) There is also the words "Schrade Super Sharp" in faint black letters on the blade its self. It was contained in a brown leather sheath with three layers of leather, and has the sharpening stone on the front.

From what I have read, its better to help identify if I post pictures but I am still trying to figure that out!
Jul 2, 2010
It looks like no one answered this post!
This is my Golden Spike...................Ken

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