I'm one of those guys...ya know

Dec 9, 2012
Yeah one of those guys who just got a SS Volt and decided to push the Framelock too hard, and guess what happened?????

Yep now no lock up. i know i need to take it apart and bend it back, but i am in lazy mode, surely one of you fine gentleman have a way to fix this without taking it apart?????
I doubt you will be able to over travel it back towards the blade enough to make it right again. I think a disassembly is in order
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Thats what i am thinking, not that its difficult just wondering if there was some other trick, welp here we go! All in all i love this knife though
finally just took it apart, fixed it not all is well, although the liner in the scale side was a bit of a pain, but all is well. got this and an OD-1 today, and both are just amazing