I'm Really Impressed With the Manix!

Aug 8, 1999
I just checked out the Manix at my local dealer today. I wish it weren't almost Christmas because I need to hold on to my money for presents and incidentals. The Golden factory is truly outstanding when it comes to fit and finish. The Manix really feels good in my hand and the edge is typical super sharp Spyderco. What I like most is that this knife seems fairly light considering its size. I may have to work this one into my budget! ;)
I too am impressed with this kife. Big, solid, and worthy of the Spyderco name. Watch out for the clip screws though...they have a tendency to strip out.
I just picked up a Manix today as Christmas present to myself and I am even more impressed. It is the first large US made Spyderco I have picked up in a few years, and I really think that Spyderco has improved it overall quality of manufacturing, not that it was bad before. The smoothness of this lock is fantastic and the edge is super sharp as always. The fit and finish is fine. I know Mr. Collucci says the screws strip out, but i won't find out about this because I like the tip down, right handed position.

Really the only downside of current Spyderco lockbacks is that the lockback is seen by many as old hat, so many prefer newer, fancier locks. That is too bad because Spyderco is on the way towards perfecting the lockback like Chris Reeve has perfected the framelock. You can't get perfect if you are always going for the new gadget! ;)
don't worry, knife manufacturers need to sell their products. I don't mind having my Manix a lockback, because this is a lock that it has proven itself for the last 25+ years with spyderco. "If it's not broken don't fix it"! The Manix is one hell of a beast of a folder and i am certain that the lock they took was intended for the HEAVY use it will be subjected to.

Greetz and Merry X-mass

Glad that Santa didn't forget about you! I'm pleased to hear you got the Manix. My Paramilitary is waiting for me under the tree...boy, will I ever be surprised. ;)

Best wishes, Jeff/1911.