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im so sad!...my poor knicker knives!!!

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Sep 20, 2000
you know what guys???..im really sad. i ordered some german knicker knives (known as knicker messers) from austria. thay had stag handles and werent exactly cheap. i asked when i ordered them if thye would look them over and make sure thay werent defective in any way. i was told the knives were good qaulity so it wouldnt be a problem. well 23.14 dollars of shipping later i received them and all three were rusted!!!..not only that the nickel silver pommels on all three wre nicked and dented, and one sheath was coming apart!!!...hmmmmm...i know that hirschkrone makes qaulity knives , but some how these fell through the cracks!!!!...ive e-mailed the people i bought them from, so far not an answer, i'll give them some time. my understanding so far is that if i want them replaced or refunded i have to eat the cost of shipping again!!!!...and at 23.14 dollars im no soooooo happy about that. I guess what bothers me the most was i asked them to look then over before shipping them!!!...after all austria is a very lonnng way!!!!...do you guys no anyone in the states i can get knicker knives from (they are sheath knives worn in the pocket of german lederhosen)???..i know matthews in georgia sells them, i know knifecenter has a deerfoot handled one, but i need abetter source, im at a dead end!!!!....please help????
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